Zack Snyder returns to DC… for Teen Titans Go! guest appearance


Okay, so it’s not quite the rumored #RestoreTheSnyderverse announcement that many of the filmmaker’s fans had been anticipating in the lead-up to the social media convention, but San Diego Comic-Con International has been streaming news yesterday regarding a DC comeback for Zack Snyder…

As revealed during Saturday’s Cartoon Network Comic-Con panel, the Steel man, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League helmer is set to reunite with Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment, not for Justice League part twobut rather an appearance in the animated comedy series The Teen Titans Go!.

Snyder will appear in the 365th episode of the Cartoon Network series, aptly titled “365! ”, which will see Robin, Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire and Cyborg head to the Warner Bros. studio lot. to recruit a director to help them celebrate the milestone. . The episode will air in the fall.

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Despite rumors of Snyderverse announcements and/or Henry Cavill’s Superman return proving to be nothing but hot air (and outright rejected by DC’s Jim Lee, in the former’s case), the Yesterday’s DC Films panel at Comic-Con served up some tidbits for fans, including a first trailer for Shazam! Fury of the gods and a fresh look at black adam.

However, the tough news was thin on the ground, meaning Warner’s slate of DC movies beyond 2023 remains uncertain with just five specifically dated movies by then in black adam, Shazam!, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, the flash and blue beetle. With Marvel presenting its own Phase Five and Phase Six plans later today, we can only hope for a DC FanDome 2022 announcement soon.

Who knows – maybe the new executives at Warner Discovery just need a little more time to get through the t’s and dotted i’s with Zack seeing as he’s related to rebel moon at present…



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