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More music from Demi Lovato? The singer might have a few releases coming up his sleeve, but that doesn’t mean there’s another album in the works.

Rumors Demi could be working on her eighth studio album – a sequel to the April 2021 record Dance with the devil … The art of starting over – started whirling around in August 2021 when they teased “big things to come” with another artist G-Eazy.

In several Instagram photos, the former Disney Channel star posed alongside the “Him & I” crooner, noting that they were “excited” about an upcoming project at the time. Their song “Breakdown” was then released on the Netflix reality show, Titretown High.

Although Demi did a song with G-Eazy, the Sonny with a chance alum set the record straight on the new songs via Instagram Stories in September 2021. While answering questions from fans, they revealed they were ready to collaborate with Lizzo in 2022. They also shared that, along with music, their hobbies have become “photography and candle-making”.

As fans know, Demi started making music after her Disney Channel debut. Their first record, do not forget, was released in 2008 and they’ve released six more albums since then. Following the release of Tell me you love me in 2017, the Camp rock star took a brief break from the music. They returned in 2021 with Dance with the devil … The art of starting over, which accompanied a YouTube docusery titled Dance with the devil.

“What you can expect from the album is that I identify with myself the best as an artist,” they explained on The Zach Sang Show in April 2021. “You know, more than I’ve ever done in my life before, and to keep working, to keep writing. Never stop because, who knows. It might not be the only musical project I publish this year.

Ahead of the release, Demi shared her favorite part about making a new recording via Instagram Stories. “Do you know what’s great about making an album?” Demi wrote in June 2020. “You can say whatever you want, be as open and honest as possible, and finally tell your side of the story no matter who might not like it.”

That being said, the “Skyscraper” musician is on a mission to tell the truth with his music in the future.

“When I think back to the music of the past that was more reluctant to be as open as it is today, I feel like I’m depriving myself of vulnerability in some of these songs,” they said. New York Times in March 2021.

Scroll through our gallery for everything we know about Demi’s eighth possible album so far.

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