valentine: Parth Oza on Valentine’s Day: Wish all singles will mix and find their valentines soon – Exclusive! | Gujarati Cinema News

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14. Many lovebirds have taken to social media to share their pasty photos. Parth Oza, a Gujarati actor-singer, celebrates the day in his own way and when ETimes spoke to him, that’s what he exclusively shared.

Parth said: “I think everyone has that special someone and it’s all destined. Love is something that grows and surpasses and flourishes. You don’t know when you can meet the right one and the good and things just click on their own.”

“I think love is not just limited to or for your loved one, but love is infinite. It can be loving your parents, your family, your friends, your profession and your art .Love is when you cook for your loved ones or when you bring a chocolate bar or dessert to make up for a bad day.”

He expressed his love for “My love for music is inevitable. I love cooking and reading, I love the little joys in life. I love spending time with myself in my free time.”

Crooning during the Valentine’s Day special, the singer said, “I always try to bring out something special for Valentine’s Day. Last year I released my Bollywood love mashup and this time I kept a reel that I shot in kutch. It’s a Lofi version of Song ‘Mann Ki Lagan’.”

Reminiscing about his old party days, he divulges, “I used to have sangeet Bollywood shows before the wedding on Valentine’s Day every year. But I still remember, when we were at the at school and college, we used to go to cafes or restaurants with friends in groups for Valentine’s Day evening and used to keep a dress code of wearing white , red or black.”

‘Wishing all the couples a very Happy Valentine’s Day, and all the singles mingling soon and finding their valentines soon, the singer sums up the conversation and signs off.’

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