Tyondai Braxton returns with two new enigmatic singles “Dia” and “Phonolydian”


Tyondai Braxton returns with two enigmatic new singles

American composer and musician Tyondai Braxton made his triumphant return to music today with two new tracks titled “Dia” and “Phonolydian”. This is Braxton’s first new music in about five years, with both songs released through Nonesuch Records.

The first of the new releases, titled “Dia”, sounds futuristic and slow. The mix of different melodies makes listeners want to relax and enjoy the experience while dancing.

This final track titled “Phonolydian” really showcases Braxton’s experimental potential, with several sounds merging to complete the immersive experience. The hearing experience is at the same time pleasant, stimulating and intoxicating.

Both songs were recorded at the composer / musician’s home studio in Bearsville, New York with Braxton on electronics. Even though the songs are longer, once the song is over, the listener craves more. These releases give fans a taste of what to expect in the near future.

Braxton didn’t let the pandemic stop him from playing music for his fans, the musician took part in Experimental Sound Studio’s Quarantine Concerts Series in April 2020. Braxton seems to pick up where it left off in its 2015 release HIVE1, which has been described as an “avant-garde musical adventure”. Braxton was the former frontman of the experimental rock band Battles; he announced his amicable departure from the group in 2010, deciding to focus on his solo career. The group’s last release was their 2019 album titled Juice B Crypts which was reviewed here on mxdwn.



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