Treasure closes “First Step” with his debut studio album “Treasure Effect”


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Super beginner band Treasure complete the final puzzle of the band’s first chapter with hopeful vocals filling their debut studio album, “The First Step: Treasure Effect”.

Before releasing a new album on Monday, the 12-member group live streamed a global press conference held online amid concerns over the COVID-19 situation in South Korea.

Released in a depressed period of the coronavirus pandemic, the band explained that the album aimed to send a message of hope to fans, called Treasure Makers, and all listeners around the world going through these trying times.

“Our greatest wish is that people can be comforted with our music. Just as the theme of “hope” and “love” defining our promotional activities for the next album, we will strive to spread optimistic energy, “Ji-hoon said at the press conference.

After releasing singles since the group’s debut under YG Entertainment in August last year as winners of the JTBC2 K-pop contest show “Treasure Box”, the new album also marks the end of the journey and concludes their first steps together.

“I realize we have come this far in such a short period of time,” said band leader Hyun-suk, adding, “The main theme of the album was to embrace the unique light energy of Treasure. We have worked to represent the free and enthusiastic spirit of the members.

With the title track “My Treasure”, the 12-track album mostly moves away from the band’s songs “Boy”, “I Love You” and “MMM”, all of which sing the sweetness of falling boys.

“The title song has a decidedly shifted identity from our previous songs. It was our first attempt at such a brilliant pop genre and, when we first heard it, we also found it fresh and invigorating. We wanted to provide such energy to our listeners, ”Do-young said.

While Hyun-suk, Yoshi, and Haruto were involved in writing the main track, Hyun-suk said, “The members not only write, but also participate in the production. This process heals us in another way, because we can share our stories from every moment. “

Trésor (YG Entertainment)

Trésor (YG Entertainment)

The music video for “My Treasure” is a short piece of fairytale music in itself, according to Jun-kyu, filled with fantastic visual elements that can just light up viewers.

Ji-hoon said the band members teamed up with the YG dancers for the first time, hinting at the rookie band’s unprecedented scale of performance.

Singer-songwriter YG Lee Chan-hyuk of duo AKMU wrote and produced “Slowmotion,” one of three new songs unveiled upon the album’s release.

The tracklist also includes three singles “Boy”, “MMM” and “I Love You”, remixed versions of “I Love You” and “MMM”, “Going Crazy” from the original K-pop competition and songs. “Be With Moi”, “Bling Like This”, “Orange” and “Come to Me”.

Dropping their debut studio album in the Age of Pandemic as they can’t hold concerts on location and meet fans in person, Jung-woo thanked fans for patiently waiting.

“When I heard the sounds of our fans screaming at the concert online last year, although the sounds were delivered virtually, I felt something like no other emotion I had experienced before,” said Jung-woo said, shedding tears. “I want to feel that again and also give our energy back to our fans.”

Japanese member Asahi also thanked the fans, especially with their flagship songs from previous albums topping the main musical charts of his home country. “My family and friends never forget to celebrate me whenever we top the charts. I am delighted to see so much love coming from Japan.

While the group instantly rose to worldwide fame from their early days and has continued on a continuous journey of feats ever since, Ye-dam said such accomplishments or the number of album sales were not what the group was aiming with “The First Step: Treasure Effect”.

“The key message of our album is that everyone is a priceless and shining gem, and we wanted to sing that message of hope and happiness through our voices,” Ye-dam said. “Our greatest achievement with the album will be to comfort hearts and to end our business safely.”

The album is scheduled for release Monday at 6 pm, along with the music video for “My Treasure”.

By Choi Ji-won ([email protected])


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