Toronto Plaza R&B singer / songwriter releases debut studio album NOCTURNES


With a mix of dark piano, synth hits and spacious vocals, PLAZA infuses a feeling of cruising through empty boulevards late at night, yearning for lost love, and Still Alive, from the R&B artist’s debut album. Canadian, Nocturnes, brings home the heartbreaking emptiness that comes from leaving old lovers behind – for better or for worse.

With the remnants of a solid Weeknd or Drake production strewn throughout Still Alive, it is sure to resonate with the ever-growing cult of PLAZA. And with tens of millions of views and streams across all platforms, PLAZA’s previous signing with OVO Sound will certainly help propel this talented independent R&B artist to the top of billboards across the country and internationally.

PLAZA’s creative process is very meticulous, and a tour of Nocturnes and Still Alive offers audiences multiple portraits of sound images – all fashioned around reclaiming and letting go of a toxic love.

As its name suggests, Nocturnes is an album made for the night. It evokes memories of past love and heartbreak, betrayal, and hellish depths one can fall into while trying to avenge a broken ego.

“The album represents a rebirth after a long hiatus and chronicles a desperate attempt to win back a former lover,” he reveals.

With a shy attitude towards the press and a mysterious figure, however, the question remains: “Who is PLAZA?” When you find a talent of this caliber, it’s almost impossible not to look for more.

PLAZA is a Toronto-based R&B artist whose passion for music blossomed in high school. Emerging from the rock scene after leading local bands Decades and Lobby, PLAZA embarked on a solo career.

Blending ambient and downtempo soundscapes with floating melodies, his debut EP, ONE, quickly racked up millions of streams and caught the attention of Toronto’s own Drake and his label OVO Sound. After signing with Warner / OVO, PLAZA released their second EP, Shadow, followed by a series of singles, including the exceptional track “All Mine”, which has over 22 million streams on Spotify alone.

Still Alive and Nocturnes are available now.

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