Tori Amos’ new studio album, “Ocean to Ocean”, due next month


Tori Amos will release a new studio album titled “Ocean to Ocean” on October 29, 2021 via Decca Records, the company announced Monday morning. Described as “an emotional record,” the new album has the pandemic and the attack on Capitol Hill as touchstones, leading to “a return to the kind of soul-searching she recognized in her 1992 debut album,” Little Earthquakes “.

Amos said in the announcement: “This is a record of your losses and how you deal with them. Fortunately, when you’ve lived long enough, you can recognize that you don’t feel like the mother you want. be, the woman you want to be, the artist you want to be. I realized that in order to change that you have to write from where you are. I was in my own private hell, so I thought to myself, so this is where you are writing from – you already did …

“We’ve all had times that can knock us over,” she continued. “This record goes with you wherever you are, especially if you are in a place of loss. I am fascinated when someone has gone through a tragedy and how they grieve. This is where the gold is. When someone is actually in that place, thinking, “I’m done,” how do you reach that person? Sometimes it’s not a pill or a double dose of tequila. It’s about sitting together in the mud. I’ll meet you in the mud.

Amos released her second book, “Resistance”, in 2019 and she directed her musical “The Light Princess”. Almost 30 years ago, she became the first public voice of RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network), which is the largest anti-sexual assault organization in the United States, and continues to be member of its National Leadership Council.


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