“The rare cover singles” by Trini Lopez


Trinidad Lopez III was born in Dallas, Texas on May 15, 1937, and at the age of 15 formed his first band, the Big Beats. Lopez played the guitar; her repertoire consisted of Mexican folk songs, rhythm and blues hits, and rock ‘n’ roll favorites. The Big Beats performed at local clubs, where Lopez met Buddy Holly. Holly referred it to her producer, Norman Petty, who helped Big Beats and Trini secure their first recording deal, with Columbia Records. Unfortunately, Petty wanted them to be an instrumental outfit. Trini was not interested in this style of music and quickly left the group. He then recorded a few solo faces for Volk and King Records. But in 1962, he no longer had a label and started playing in clubs in Los Angeles.

Living and playing in LA, Lopez has developed a considerable following. Soon he established a residence at one particular club, PJ’s, in West Hollywood. Record holder Don Costa, who worked for Frank Sinatra’s new label Reprise Records, brought the boss to one of Lopez’s shows one evening. And soon after, Lopez signed to Reprise and released his debut album, Trini Lopez at PJ’s. The album reached No.2 on the Billboard Albums chart, and Pete Seeger’s live-action cover of “If I Had a Hammer” quickly went gold, ranking No.3 on the Billboard Hot 100. His production with Coverage was plentiful: 20 albums from 1963 to 1969. established Lopez as one of the first Latin acts to climb the pop charts. But the long player wasn’t the only place you could hear Trini Lopez’s new music, as he released several non-LP A and B sides over the years.

Omnivore Recordings is proud to announce the release of The Rare Reprise Singles, a 24-track compilation that brings together most of the non-LP tracks Lopez would record for Reprise from 1962 to 1970. Listen to several of these songs for the first time on CD, including the studio version of “A-Me-Ri-Ca”, “The Bramble Bush” (from the MGM production The Dirty Dozen in which Trini starred) and a cover of Newman’s Randy “Love Story”, produced by Bob Gaudio of the Four Seasons.

With cover notes from former Warner Bros. scribe. Gene Sculatti, photos and ephemera from Trini’s career with Reprise, this is the ultimate collection of Trini Lopez rarities.

According to Sculatti’s notes: “Trini’s post-Revival period led him to a variety of labels where he continued to release singles until the early 90s. But he never found success. artistic or commercial he knew at Reprise. As these early hits on tangy fruit and a carpenter’s tool and this compilation prove, his lively and affable recording remains an indelible signature of this most vibrant pop music era.

Lopez died of complications from COVID-19 at his last home in Palm Springs, Calif., In August 2020.

List of tracks
1. A-Mer-I-Ca
2. Make it known
3. I lost my love for you
4. Regresa a Mi (Back to me)
5. Mi Felicidad (Little Miss Happiness)
6. Made in Paris
7. Pretty little girl
8. Until now
9. The thorn bush
10. The ballad of the dirty dozen
11. Together
12. Master Jack
13. Malagueña Salerosa
14. Something tells me
15. El Niño Del Tambor (The Little Drummer)
16. Noche De Paz (Silent Night) / Peace be
17. Love story
18. Five hours of the world
19. You make my day
20. It’s time to get together
21. Mexican doctor
22. Su-Kal-De-Don
23. There was a crooked man
24. Let’s think about living

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