The Cyberiam announces new studio album


Chicago progressive rock quartet The Cyberiam have announced the release of their second album, Connected, August 6.

The new album, the sequel to the self-titled debut album of 2018 (The Cyberiam also released The Butterfly Effect EP in 2019), includes nine tracks written by band members over a two-year period and recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic at Sempleton Studios and Summer Home Studios.

As with previous versions of the band, the mixing was done by Keith Semple, the mastering by prog legend Andy Van Dette and the illustrations by bassist Brian Kovacs. You can see the illustrations and the track list below.

“The strongest lesson we’ve learned over the past year and a half is the importance of human connection,” the group explains. “We all want to be connected. You, us, our communities, the places we live, the music… We are connected. This album is about connecting, feeling disconnected, connecting the dots and our connection with you.

Connected is available with streaming, digital download, and CD options, but it also comes in a large 12 “x 12” booklet with lyrics, credits, and images that fans can keep with their record collections. or display on their walls.

Pre-order Connected.


(Image credit: The Cyberiam)

Cyberiam: Connected
1. Interrogation room B
2. The moral landscape
3. Alarm clock
4. Sunset on Mars
5. In San1tY
6. Be connected
7. Wild things
8. Miles away
9. More important questions


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