The Chainsmokers’ New Studio Album ‘So Far So Good’ Is Here: Stream It Now


chain smokers are back with their first new album in three years, So far, so good.

Released today (May 13) via Disruptor Records/Columbia Records, the 13-track album – the duo’s fourth studio album – follows their previously released singles ‘High’, ‘iPad’ and ‘Riptide’. It also follows the duo’s 2019 LP, Joy of world war.

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But like Drew Taggart and Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers said recently Billboard, this new project was carried out under very different circumstances than most of their previous work. While the duo often built albums on the road, releasing one track at a time between tour stops, in late 2019 they announcement they were taking an extended break to give themselves real time to focus on the music.

This creative incubator began with a two-week trip to Hawaii in January 2020. Here the guys brought a team of songwriter friends to a rented house and worked on some of the ideas that would become So far, so good. Work on the album continued at songwriting retreats in Joshua Tree, California, New York and London, with the guys assembling, then ripping, lyrics and production material from over a hundred times, ultimately taking two years to build the LP.

“To me, these songs sound like they took two years to make,” said longtime Chainsmokers manager Adam Alpert. Billboard.

The songs on So far, so good switch from radio-friendly, indie-leaning Dance to the sounds of previous hits like ‘Closer’, ‘Roses’ and ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ to music that balances indie vocalspopular and nuanced, often deeply textured electronic productions.

Flow So far, so good below:

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