Sylvan Esso launches new Psychic Hotline record label with series of singles


American indie / electronica duo Sylvan Esso launched their own new label, which they named Psychic Hotline.

Along with their announcement yesterday (August 4) also came the news that the duo would be releasing a series of singles over the next several months, both digitally and as seven-inch vinyl records.

The first of these is a collaboration between Sylvan Esso singer Amelia Meath and songwriter / producer Blake Mills. An original, ‘Neon Blue’, is the A side of the single; a cover of the same song performed by jazz musician Sam Gendel is its B side. Listen to both below:

In a statement, Meath and his Sylvan Esso bandmate Nick Sanborn explained that the Psychic Hotline was created for the duo to run “the kind of record label we dreamed of.”

“We do not seek to own intellectual property in any way, nor do we subscribe to career approaches based on scarcity,” they said. “We are constantly striving to expand our music community; to welcome more voices and more perspectives. We believe that the only common denominator of great music is honesty in expression.

Other enlisted artists for the Psychic Hotline series of singles are singer-songwriters Bartees Strange, Anjimile and The Tallest Man on Earth – the latter of whom will collaborate with Meath’s other group, Mountain Man, for the single.

Sylvan Esso released their third studio album, ‘Free Love’, in September 2020. In a three-star review, NME described the album as a collection of “thin and intimate compositions”.

Pre-orders for the seven-inch ‘Neon Blue’ are now available through Psychic Hotline’s website.


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