STYX’s first new studio album in four years, CRASH OF THE CROWN, will be released on June 18;


Legendary rockers – James “JY” Young (vocals, guitars), Tommy shaw (vocals, guitars), Chuck panozzo (bass, vocals), Todd Sucherman (drums, percussions), Laurent Gowan (vocals, keyboards) and Ricky phillips (bass, guitar, vocals) – their 17 will be releasede album on June 18 on the band’s label, Alpha Dog 2T / UMe, which will be sold on clear vinyl, black vinyl, CD and on digital platforms. Fans can pre-order it here and on from Thursday May 6.

The title song at CROWN CRASH released today – preview exclusively during Eddie Trunk The “Trunk Nation” program on SiriusXM Satellite Radio – and is now available to stream and download with pre-orders on digital platforms. Fans can listen to the new song here.

The song “Crash of the Crown” itself breaks new ground for STYX. In fact, this is the first cut in the group’s legendary canon to feature Three lead singers, seeing how James “JY” Young went wild at the starting gate, Tommy shaw at the head of the heroic center section with a stacked voice, and Laurent Gowan leading the vocal charge for the last verse. “I’m always looking for the one different thing we can do and it’s always STYX,” the ever-bubbling Gowan notes, “and this is the song I’m most proud of. The beauty is that it is. is the culmination of all our talents crammed into one song, ABBEY ROUTE-style. I also have to use material that I never thought I would be lucky enough to play on a STYX record like Tommy’s Hammond B3 organ, my Minimoog and my Mellotron. “

Efforts to save CROWN CRASH started in earnest at Shaw’s home studio in Nashville in the fall of 2019, with Gowan – STYX’s extraordinary criminal-minded showman and keyboardist / vocalist since 1999 – in the room with Shaw and the album producer, Will evankovich, as it referred to the album’s first song to be recorded, with cosmetic flourishes reigning over the insistent and ardent call for unity, “Common Ground.” But the global pandemic that inevitably transformed the way we all ended up living in 2020 changed the course of the number of home and out-of-group recording sessions that ultimately had to shift towards social distancing. . Security precautions prevailed for all members of the STYX Group and production compatriots involved, with quarantine and diligent testing required before any of them could make their way to Shaw’s quiet base to spread. the one-of-a-kind STYX stardust that was duly sprinkled over the album’s 15 cosmically-chosen tracks.

Of all those who made the trip Nashville, original STYX bassist Chuck panozzo – who, with his late twin brother, drummer Jean Panozzo, formed the initial core of STYX when they started scrambling in their basement on the south side of Chicago in 1961 – is by far the most enthusiastic about the experience. “I am constantly amazed at how Tommy’s songwriting continues to connect with the social consciousness that crosses generations,” marvels Chuck, who performs on “Our Wonderful Lives” and “Lost at Sea”, Lawrence’s too brief dream of aquatic fever. . “Both he and Will have been able to tap into the fundamentals of the human condition, which won’t change that much in 50 years – or even 500 years. That’s why STYX remains relevant after all this time, because that we ‘re part of the human condition.”

Whether it’s the intoxicating rush of the opening track “The Fight of Our Lives,” the melancholy observational treatise of “Reveries,” the outstretched hand of comfort and redemption that frames “Hold Back the Darkness.” , the undeniable elevation of “Our Wonderful Lives” (a beautiful feeling further embellished by the very first appearance of a banjo on a STYX album!), or the bugle’s elegiac call to grace shared in “To These”, CROWN CRASH is music that is both contemporary and truly timeless. While the official release date of this historic album may be time stamped in 2021, the omniscient observational content of CROWN CRASH easily recalls an amalgamation of historical events that occurred in 1066, 1455, 1775, 1861, 1941 and even 2001 without naming any by name – the premonitory wartime observations of Winston Churchill that permeate the ubiquitous calls to “Save us of ourselves ”despite everything. Essentially, CROWN CRASH (Where COTC, for short) is a modern sonic chronograph of the endless regenerative cycle of the rise and fall – and rise again – of our shared human experience.

“We’ve never been a protest group. We’re more like a gospel caravan trying to send positive messages wherever we go,” observes CROWN CRASH co-creator and global visionary Tommy shaw, who joined STYX in December 1975 as a guitarist / singer and instantly became one of the band’s most important songwriters. “In order to share these positive messages you need to first figure out what the issues are to figure out all the ways you can make sure everything is going to be okay. This is a very important part of how we do what we do. let’s do. “

Although COTC takes a critical look at some inherently dark subjects, the prevailing light at the end of the tunnel ends up becoming the focal point of every song – a lingering fervor to keep moving forward and achieve the greater good.

STYX’s sacred mission for the cup CROWN CRASH was crystal clear to his co-creator from the start. “Absolutely nothing was going to get in the way of how we approached the creation of this album,” Shaw concludes of his colleague’s Herculean recording efforts. COTC manufacturers. “And it all came out exactly as we wanted to hear it.”

CROWN CRASH is the continuation of STYX 16e studio album, THE MISSION (their first in 14 years at the time, which critics called “a masterpiece”) which came out June 16, 2017 on the band’s label, Alpha Dog 2T / UMe. The eagerly awaited reissue in two discs of THE MISSION was released on July 27, 2018 via Alpha Dog 2T / UMe, which includes a CD of the original album, as well as a Blu-ray of the album mixed in 5.1 surround sound accompanied by stunning visualizations for each of the album’s 14 songs based on the cover art of the album. He debuted on various Billboard rankings, including: # 6 Best Rock Albums, # 11 Physical Albums, # 11 Vinyl Albums, # 13 Current Albums, # 14 Best Billboard Albums, # 16 Best Seller retail, # 17 for mass / non-traditional products, # 29 for digital albums and # 45 Billboard 200 (includes catalog and streaming).

In addition, for Record Store Day on saturday 12 june, STYX will also publish THE SAME STAR DUST EP on 180 gram 12 inch blue vinyl only, which will feature two new songs on side one (“The Same Stardust” and “Age of Entropia”), as well as five live performances on side two of some of STYX’s classic hits. previously heard during their “STYX Fix” live broadcasts that kept fans company during the pandemic on their official YouTube page, including “Mr. Roboto”, “Man In The Wilderness”, “Miss America“,” Radio silence “and” Renegade “.

In touring news, STYX and COLLECTIVE SOUL are rested, healthy and ready to hit the road on their very first multi-city tour together. STYX previously announced its return to Las Vegas with a three-night sold-out pledge at the Venetian Theater inside the Venetian® Resort Las Vegas on September 24, 25 and 26, which will include an exclusive setlist and a brand new stage production. Tickets for different cities, as well as exclusive VIP packages from each group, are available now at and

Check out the band’s itinerary below, with more concerts to be announced soon:




With the collective soul:

Wed 6/16

Saint Augustine, Florida

Saint-Augustin Amphitheater (STYX only)

Fri 6/18

Alpharetta, Georgia

Ameris Bank Amphitheater

Sat 6/19

Southaven, MS

Landers Center

Sun 6/20

Brandon, MS

Brandon Amphitheater

Mar 6/22

Louisville, Kentucky

Waterfront park

Thursday 6/24

Lincoln, NE

Amphitheater Bol de Pinède

Fri 6/25

Bonner Springs, KS

Providence Medical Center Amphitheater

Sat 6/26

Camdenton, Missouri

Ozarks Amphitheater

Sun 6/27

Oklahoma City, OK

Zoo amphitheater

Fri 24/9

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Venetian Theater (STYX only)

Sat 9/25

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Venetian Theater (STYX only)

Sun 9/26

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Venetian Theater (STYX only)

Sun 10/24

Helotes, Texas

John T. Moore (STYX only)

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