Sonic Youth Announce New In/Out/In Rare Singles Album


Sonic Youth Announce New In/Out/In Rare Singles Album

80s/90s alternative rock band Sonic Youth have released new singles. The singles are “Basement Contender”, “Machine”, “Social Static”, “In & Out”, and “Out & In”. The songs are taken from the group’s next album, Entry/Exit/Entrance, which should be released on March 11 in digital version (available on CD/and vinyl on March 18). The album is said to be full of unheard material. It was recorded over not one, but several sessions spanning from 2000 to 2010.

“Basement Contender” is from 2008 and functions as the album opener. It was recorded at the North Hampton home of Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon. “Machine” is an instrumental track that was recorded during the the Eternal sessions. There’s also “Social Static,” the upbeat rock song that features car alarms. The next tracks are from 2011 Not the spaces you know, but between them. “In & Out” was recorded in Pomona during the sound check in 2010. The LP’s closing track is 2000’s “Out & In”, which was recorded in a studio in downtown New York.

Sonic Youth has a history of being very influential to both fellow musicians and fans. The group played a crucial role in paving the way for dozens of bands like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Beck, Dinosaur Jr. and My Bloody Valentine. They debuted in 1981 in New York. Moore, Gordon and Lee Ranaldo were founding members. After a string of drummers, Steve Shelley joined the band in 1985. Some of the band’s big hits include “Teen Age Riot”, “Kool Thing”, “Bull in the Heather”, “Dirty Boots” and “Schizophrenia”.

The band broke up in 2011, after Gordon and Moore split. While it’s not a reunion fans might have hoped for, the album release is still exciting.

The scrapbook, Entry/Exit/Entry, releases March 18. Be sure to check out these releases! The track list is below.

Entry/Exit/Entry Track list

01 Basement Competitor
02 Entrance and exit
03 Device
04 Social Statics
05 Exit and entry



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