Singer-songwriter Kevin Scott Hall releases first of three new singles, TIME STAND STILL


New York cabaret and club artist Kevin scott Hall came out of the pandemic-induced shutdown of show business with three new singles, the first of which was recently dropped on September 24. The long-time member of the small-venue artist community, singer-songwriter, producer-director and coach is partially or fully responsible for writing each of the three songs, all of which will be released intermittently over the course of the years. next nine months (or more, by press release). The three pieces produced by another singer-songwriter Tim Di Pasqua, Mr. Hall got into the habit of calling the exit “The Tim Di Pasqua Project.”

The first single from The Tim Di Pasqua Project (The TDPP) is a moving rock ballad called “Time Stands Still” which Hall describes as “a tribute to long-term love” and which he wrote with his frequent collaborator and former student, Ura Griban, a local from Brooklyn of Russian descent. “Time Stands Still” debuted on all streaming platforms on September 24th and, regarding its inspiration for the recording, Kevin scott offers: “Frankly, long-term love is not something that I myself have experienced. But last year I returned to my hometown to be closer to my aging parents and have was inspired by the quiet strength they had in a sixty-year marriage. ” Returning to the small town of Ashburnham, Massachusetts, where he grew up, forced Hall from his thirty-five-year-old New York home (which he called “beloved”) to live in a small cottage by the lake. about which he says: “It’s a very different world but nowadays everything is done remotely and I can easily stay in touch with my musical universe in New York.” KSH confirms that he maintains a residence in Manhattan, as a roommate, so that he can return to his city and community, for business and pleasure, on an ongoing basis. “I have a great friend and we made a deal,” Hall said. “When I go I can stay at his place, and if he needs to get away, he is always welcome at the lake. It has been mutually beneficial.” From his new residence in Massachusetts, Mr. Hall continues to teach at a distance for the City College of New York.

Singer-songwriter Kevin Scott Hall releases first of three new singles, TIME STAND STILLKevin scott says he chose Tim Di Pasqua to produce all three tracks because “When I was a member of the Bistro Awards committee and reviewed his show a few years ago, I was blown away by his level of excellence. , and that day has come! ”The renowned producer of The TDPP is the musician who composed the piano pieces, but he can also be heard singing backing vocals on“ Time Stands Still ”, which is accompanied by a music video released at the same time as the digital single.

The second single from The TDPP is a song also co-written with Ms. Griban that leans on a bossa nova vibe. Entitled “Heaven”, this single will be released online in January 2022, with a third track, “Light In August”, scheduled for release in the summer of the same year. This third recording, written by Hall alone, is more of a play influenced by musical theater. Mr Hall says he will monitor the success of the three singles and their reception by the public and the industry, to determine if an album could possibly be in the air.

“Time Stands Still” is available on all streaming platforms and the clip can be seen directly below. Below the clip is Kevin scott The biography provided by Hall’s publicist and his website is accessible HERE

BIOGRAPHY – Kevin scott room

Born and raised in small towns in Maine and Massachusetts, after college Kevin scott Hall moved to New York City, where he lived and worked for over 30 years, before returning to his hometown of Ashburnham, MA in 2020.

Hall received his BA (English) from Gordon College and his MFA (Creative Writing) from City College in New York. He also studied at the Actor’s Workshop, HB Studio, and the Atlantic Theater Company, as well as music theory and performance at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music.

He appeared in several theatrical productions off Broadway and in the region before devoting his efforts to a career as a singer / songwriter, starting in the mid-90s. He performed in nightclubs all over New York, Boston and Philadelphia, and surrounding areas.

After a near-fatal street assault in 1994, Hall rebounded with a few years of stand-up and improvement, but it soon returned to music. In 1998, he released his acclaimed pop CD “New Light Dawning” on Cascade Records and followed in 1999 with the mini-CD “Holiday Spirit” and raucous “Live at Middle” in 2002. His recordings have been heard on about 40 stations. radio stations across the country.

Hall also started That Singing Feeling, a popular performance workshop, in 1995. He has produced seminars, featuring guest industry panelists, on how to make your own independent recording and other related business concerns. to the music. He has also sang and served as bar at the legendary Rose’s Turn piano bar, which closed in 2007, and has been a frequent featured soloist with the Middle Church Jerriese Johnson Gospel Choir; some of his solos can be heard on three of their recordings.

Hall was a frequent editor and columnist for the entertainment division of Edge magazine from 2008 to 2016, and a member of the prestigious board of directors of the Bistro Awards from 2011 to 2015.

Her first novel, “Off the Charts!” (iUniverse) was released in the spring of 2010. In 2014, his memoir “A Quarter Inch from My Heart” (Wisdom Moon) was published and quickly became a hot topic in several radio programs. Upon release, it debuted at # 8 in Amazon’s Friendship Books. (The book deals in part with his assault in 1994.)

In recent years, Hall has rebounded as a songwriter, writing primarily with Ura Griban (one of his alumni, originally from Russia), but also with others and as a solo writer. In 2019, he released the dark and funny novelty song “In the Trunk” and in 2020, “Love Has Many Faces”. Both were accompanied by highly regarded music videos directed by Alex Mercado.

In 2021-22, Hall will release 3 singles produced by a veteran singer / songwriter Tim Di Pasqua. Hall only co-wrote or wrote all three. The first is the rock ballad “Time Stands Still” on September 24th.

Hall continues to teach at New York City College and also works as an editor when not working on songwriting or blogging. He is also a certified health and life coach.


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