SINERGY singer KIMBERLY GOSS comes out of retirement for an OCEANHOARSE cover appearance of OZZY OSBOURNE’s “Perry Mason” (video)


Helsinki-based Oceanhoarse likes to keep busy. After tour plans for this fall were put on hold due to the pandemic, an idea popped up somewhere between relentless songwriting and upcoming studio sessions: jam on a few Ozzy songs – and film them. !

The group were joined by Sinergy frontman Kimberly Goss – who ditched the metal radar years ago – for “Perry Mason”. Here’s what Kimberly had to say about Ozzy and this collaboration:

“You can’t be a metal lover without Ozzy having an influence on you at some point in your life. The first vinyl record I owned was Black Sabbath’s Paranoid. sitting in my bedroom, turning on my black I was also a huge fan of Ozzy’s solo career, but when Ben (Varon) asked me to be a part of this Ozztober project that Oceanhoarse was doing, I was a little hesitant at first.

I gave up the face of the metal scene about 14 years ago to focus on educating my daughter. I really appreciated the anonymity that comes with being in a suburb while living the life of a mom. I never stopped being involved in music, but just changed course to something more worthy of my role as a mom. In recent months, however, I’ve started collaborating on a metal album with a killer guitarist in the hopes that now, when my kid is older and less dependent on me, I could focus on starting up. a new band and work on the second phase of my metal career. As scary as it might be to put myself back in the spotlight after such a long absence, I thought it would be a fun way to introduce myself again! I’ve been a close friend of Ben’s for almost 18 years so it was a great pleasure to finally work with him on something and I hope the fans enjoy it. Make sure to keep an eye out for my new band which will debut in a year or two. We still need a full team, so if anyone else is looking to come out of retirement, contact me! “

Discover Oceanhoarse here.

Kimberly Goss launched Sinergy in 1997, releasing three albums: Beware the Heavens (1999), To Hell and Back (2000), Suicide By My Side (2002). There were several changes during the band’s existence, but the final line-up included Goss, Alexi Laiho (guitar / Children Of Bodom), Roope Latvala (Children Of Bodom), Janne Parviainen (drums / Ensiferum) and Lauri Porra (bass / Stratovarius).

A fourth Sinergy album, Sins of the Past, began production in 2004, but due to Children of Bodom’s busy schedule, the album was never completed. In 2007, Latvala, Porra and Parviainen performed a track for the Guitar Heroes album featuring some of Finland’s greatest guitarists. Latvala said he originally wrote the song for the album.


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