SEVENTEEN Breaks New Ground With 4th Studio Album ‘Face the Sun’ – Review


Since their debut in 2015, SEVENTEEN — S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, The8, Mingyu, DK, Seungkwan, Vernon, and Dino — have made a name for themselves on the K-pop scene and beyond. beyond for their self-produced repertoire, their synchronized choreographies and their contagious charm on and off stage. Their first project 17 karat, prophesied a bright future for the 13-man act, which they respected and exceeded. Since then, the band’s distinct flair has always been recognizable. Now they are rewriting their own playbook.

Released on May 27, SEVENTEEN’s fourth album, titled Facing the sun, officially marks the group’s seventh anniversary, a momentous rite of passage in K-pop, while serving as a reintroduction for the group. While there are certainly elements that let us know this is in fact a SEVENTEEN project – like the members’ distinct voices and tones as well as an abundance of Woozi credits – the band’s desire to starting over is also palpable. In addition to being their first extended project in nearly three years, Facing the sun is also the first since they renewed their contracts with PLEDIS a year earlier in 2021, which they have discussed extensively in recent months.

Ahead of the release, the “change of mood” was announced with 13 individual trailers named “13 Inner Shadows”, with each video depicting the members’ innermost fears. On social media, the trailers were promoted with short videos of the members proclaiming “I’m not SEVENTEEN anymore”. Clarify fan theories during a world press conference held ahead of the album’s official release, Hoshi said the one-liner is a metaphor for “shedding our old image and coming back with a new, mature look”. Of course, since the release of the very first teaser, fans have been cooking up complex theories and deciphering clues – but most listeners don’t need to tap into that lore to fully enjoy it. Facing the sun.

Courtesy of PLEDIS Entertainment.


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