San Antonio singles saw one of the worst rent increases in 2021


San Antonio’s affordability is often praised, making the market one of the hottest according to Zillow, but it’s pretty icy ground for singles looking to rent studios, based on a separate analysis of the 50 cities. most populated. RentHop, an online service that collects ads by quality, recently created a “Singles Index” that examines the cost of studios, changes in rent over the past year, and how living alone is affordable based on median incomes.

While Alamo City isn’t the worst – it would be obvious places like Miami and New York – it’s in the top 20 at No.13. San Antonio is doing better than Houston, which is No.9. , places like Chicago and Austin, No. 27 and No. 28 respectively, are better for singles to rent studios.

RentHop researched its own lists and crossed them with non-family income data from the U.S. Census to compile the list. According to the data, the median income of singles is $ 48,136 per year. The average rent for a studio is $ 1,088, which means that 27% of a single person’s salary is spent on a small living space.

While San Antonio isn’t as bad as Miami, New York, or Houston, it has stood out as one of the cities where rentals got worse for singles last year. RentHop says Boston was the worst for this category, where singles saw a median rent increase of 21.62% over the same period in 2020, but San Antonio, Denver and Phoenix were just behind with an increase of 20%.

The study was published in November 2021, but the New York Times reported on the statistics this week, highlighting the rental problems of singles. The NYT’s sharing of the story on Facebook sparked anger and debate, as did most of the conversation on social media. Commentators have clenched their fists against rent in places like New York or Boston, where one person said friends were struggling to pay rent even after dividing the cost into three.

If you are feeling this increase and are fed up with paying more than 27% of your salary into a studio, RentHop has also put together a list of the most affordable cities for singles. You might want to consider Wichita, Albuquerque, Oklahoma City, or Tulsa. El Paso (# 9) and Arlington (# 10) are also on the more affordable list, if you want to stay in Texas.

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