Salman Khan refuses 20 crores for his appearance in Chiranjeevi Starrer


Salman Khan is known to be extremely generous when he’s in the mood. He is known to be a yaaron ka yaargoing out of his way for close friends.

One of his most enduring ties is with Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi whom Salman has worshiped since his teenage years. In fact, when Chiranjeevi’s son Ramcharan Teja was filming for her Bollywood debut Zanjeer in Mumbai, Salman had meals reach out to by Ramcharan settled every day.

Now when Salman Khan began filming for a very special guest appearance, an extended cameo, in the starring Chiranjeevi Godfather Salman made it clear that he would not accept a single penny for his work.

A source close to the project informs me from Hyderabad, “the producers of Chiranjeevi wanted to pay Salman Khan 15-20 crores for appearing in Godfather. Corn Salman Khan was adamant. He told Chiranjeevi he wouldn’t do the cameo if they insisted on paying him. Salman’s words to Chiranjeevi were, “If I asked you to play a role in my film, would you charge for it?” The question left Chiranjeevi emotional and speechless.

Apparently Salman Khan has a 20-minute appearance in Godfather. It will run for a week.


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