Robben Ford announces first instrumental studio album in almost 25 years


Robben Ford announced a new album Pure – a nine-track offering that is set to be the god of the electric blues guitar god’s first instrumental release since his 1997 album Tiger walk.

Scheduled for release on August 27, Pure will also be Ford’s first new solo gear since the 2018 release Purple house, and is described by the virtuoso licking magician as “the most complete representation of my personal musical vision”.

Ford has recruited the music services of a series of music heavyweights for its upcoming release, including drummers Nate Smith, Toss Panos, Shannon Forest and more.

The five-time Grammy-nominated guitarist is also set to unveil the album’s first single, White Rock beer… 8 Cents, this Friday, May 13, and shared a sound preview of the song on his Instagram page before its official release.

The post teases a track that finds Ford at the peak of his powers, scrambling a 12-bar blues streak and building up effortlessly tasty improvised licks, extended pentatonic phrases, and jazz-infused scale tracks.

Of the upcoming record, Ford said: “Pure is unlike any recording I have ever made. I’ve always been a traditionalist in the way I worked in the studio: bring a big band into a big room with a big engineer, record songs for three to five days, do the necessary overdubs, then mix and master.

“I started Pure in the same way. But, one way or another, the influence of other musicians on the music, which is inevitable, has always felt a bit out of place, ”he revealed. “It became clear to me that I had to shape this new music myself from scratch.

“My engineer and co-producer, Casey Wasner, has been invaluable in making this happen and most of the music you’ll hear on this recording was made by the two of us working together in his studio, Purple House.

“Having worked this way, I think Pure is perhaps the most complete representation of my personal musical vision, ”he continued. “The previous recordings were the product of a period of development which led to the music represented here.

“It has been very satisfying to have shaped my own compositions so thoroughly and to deliver something so completely mine.”

Robben Ford Pure is available for pre-order now ahead of its August 27 release.

Robben Ford Pure

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