Riverfront Bar and Grill in Peru noise complaint resolved, parties say – Shaw Local


After a noise complaint against Riverfront Bar and Grill in Peru resulted in a citation for loud music inside the establishment, Peru’s Mayor Ken Kolowski met with the bar owner and the complainant to find a solution.

Kolowski said the meeting went well and everyone involved was cooperative. He said the meeting was “cordial” and “informal”, and since then there have been no complaints to the establishment. Riverfront Bar owner Zack Cinotto confirmed the meeting went well and said: “We’re doing our best to follow the rules as we always have.”

Last month, the city council approved its first extended request for live music and granted the Riverfront Bar and Grill’s request to play outdoor music until 11 p.m. – an hour later than the city’s order. town. Although the citation was given the first night the bar was approved for extended outdoor music, the violation was unrelated to the recent approval. Outside music was discontinued before 11 p.m.

Instead, a noise complaint was filed by a resident at 11:29 p.m. that evening, claiming that the music coming from inside the establishment was too loud, and the bar was found to be overflowing. the city’s decibel limit for noise. The bar received a city ordinance violation and appeared before an administrative hearing officer on Wednesday, according to Police Chief Bob Pyszka.

After Peru’s aldermen clashed over how best to handle the situation at a recent council meeting, Kolowski said he would meet with all parties and work with them to resolve the issue.

Kolowski said Riverfront was accommodating and did its best to cooperate with the city. During the meeting, he reminded the owner of the importance of following city rules. Kolowski said the situation has improved and he doesn’t foresee any more problems.

Cinotto said the bar had received its second music expansion approved for July 3, and he expected future requests to be approved.


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