Remi Wolf, Best Juno Songs, Singles & Track List


Calm down on the monster lovers on set and get ready for a preview of our best songs from Remi Wolf’s debut studio album Juno. The Californian is about to drop it like his toast with thirteen tracks that mix hip-hop, pop, soul and funk and with a good chunk of airtime on the radio right now, it will be a record at watch out for when it releases on October 15, 2021.

Not all songs are pure genius from start to finish, and we’ll get to that in more detail later, but in general there’s something to get excited about. Juno follows on from the success of Wolf’s previous EPs – You’re A Dog! (2019), I am allergic to dogs! (2020) and We love dogs! (2021) – but luckily she stepped away from her canine obsession and exclamation mark for her full debut album (that’s us, unless you’re studying cover art too closely) .


In addition to the best Juno songs and singles, you can also see the full track list, as well as some tips in terms of other Remi Wolf songs that are worth checking out. She’s been working pretty hard over the past few years, so there are more of them than you might think, despite the fact that her best position on the charts to date is outside of the US Alternative Top 10 on the Billboard.

Best Juno Songs & Singles

There are currently 5 Juno songs and four of them are singles. One of the five that failed to release as a single is Grumpy Old Man, but it’s still one of the best songs on the album. It’s a flash funk with humor that’s as light as it is fun. It’s not going to inspire a thousand bands, but it’s well worth a place on the playlist.


However, the fatty milk extract from the fatty milk extract has to be Quite On Set, which is a funk-a-delic hip hop hit with witty lyrics and solid bass. Sadly, the song’s jokes are canceled with the kids section on the run which is annoying turbo, but if you have Garage Band or some other editing software you can trigger it quite easily for your own private edification of the song. .

Don’t take our growls too harshly, though, as this is definitely the best track on the album. Other songs worth mentioning are Liquor Store and Guerilla. The former sometimes has nuances of The Specials and Musical Youth and the latter is a blitz of interjections with good rhythm. They are all totally different from each other too, while being instantly recognizable as songs by Remi Wolf, which is not an easy thing to achieve.


The only single that hasn’t impressed us is Sexy Villain, but hey, maybe you like that sort of thing. It’s slow soul pop and despite its interesting guitar layering it just didn’t go so well for us.

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Remi Wolf, Juno tracklist

  1. Liquor store – 02:52
  2. Anthony Kiedis – 02:51
  3. wd – 03:19
  4. Guerrilla – 02:44
  5. Quiet on the set – 03:15
  6. Volkiano – 03:44
  7. Front tooth – 02:45
  8. Grumpy Old Man – 03:31
  9. Buttermilk – 02:17
  10. Sally – 02:43
  11. Nasty sexy – 03:08
  12. Buzz Me In – 02:46
  13. Street where you live – 03:33

More of the best songs from Remi Wolf

With three EPs in its lineup, there are a few other best pre-Juno songs worth listening to. Hello Hello Hello from I am allergic to dogs! is probably the largest of these, having featured in the Billboard alt charts in the United States.

The other track to check out is Photo ID, which comes from the same EP. We are also expecting more Remi Wolf albums in the coming years and if the debut album is anything to go by, there could be quite a few.

We’ll keep you posted with more details on the album as soon as they are confirmed. You can also check out our movie news section to keep tabs on the latest upcoming movies, or visit Remi Wolf’s website at


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