Remi Wolf announces debut album ‘Juno’, shares two new singles


Remi Wolf has announced his debut album, “Juno”, due for release later this year, sharing two new singles, “Quiet On Set” and “Grumpy Old Man”.

Both new tracks feature contrasting corners of Wolf’s art – “Quiet On Set” is a hard-hitting club-ready banger with a hip-hop influence, while “Grumpy Old Man” is a much lighter indie track. and more introspective.

Take a look at the music videos for ‘Quiet On Set’ and ‘Grumpy Old Man’, both directed by Haley Appell, below:

In a press release, Wolf described “Quiet On Set” as “full of psychosis,” saying that “even though the song is silly and funny, it really reflects my life and feelings back then … overworked, maniacal, reckless, and childish ”.

She noted that “Grumpy Old Man” came from a more vulnerable place than she usually does with her songwriting, with the number inspired by “some of the more benign things. [that] can make me irritated and defensive, which makes me feel old, fragile and carefree ”.

Both tracks will appear on ‘Juno’, which is scheduled for release on October 15 via Island. The LP will also feature last month’s single “Liquor Store” and is named after her dog, which she adopted during the lockdown.

“Creating my first album ‘Juno’ was like a feverish dream,” said Wolf. “So many changes were happening in my life while I was creating these songs and I think my album really reflects the feelings of tension and release that these changes brought to me.

“Every song on this album is a vivid snapshot of what was going on in my life and my state of mind the day I wrote each one. I hope my Remjobs can hear my honesty and passion come true. show up and if not, I just hope they think every song is great! ”

“Juno” follows Wolf’s 2020 EP, “I’m Allergic To Dogs!”. NME declared the record one of the year’s best releases, with writer Thomas Smith calling it “a flamboyant pop collage that sticks vignettes of her love life, hedonism and monotonous obstacles.”

Wolf also participated in the 2021 edition of the NME 100, with a blurb: “There is also so much serotonin in every [of Wolf’s] Brilliantly inventive and unpredictable tracks, they should be prescribed on the NHS for the times you need to get out of the blues.

Earlier in 2021, Wolf shared a new version of ‘Photo ID’ with Dominic Fike, and a studio version of the longtime staple setlist ‘Liz’.

The complete tracklist of Remi Wolf’s “Juno” is:

1. “Liquor store”
2. “Anthony Kiedes”
3. ‘wyd’
4. “Guerrilla”
5. “Silent on the set”
6. “Volkiano”
7. “Front tooth”
8. “Grumpy old man”
9. “Buttermilk”
10. “Sally”
11. “Sexy villain”
12. ‘Buzz Me In’
13. “The street you live in”


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