Rapper’s new clothing line and studio album


Trevor Lau launched his Triple Oh Crew clothing line alongside the release of his new album

Trevor Yau worked with Wolverhampton’s Beatsabar Music Project sound team to record the sequel to his debut album Documentary on Section Three, having met the team when he lived in the city about three years ago.

Mr Yau, who currently lives in Abergavenny in Wales, is also looking to start his own clothing line, called Triple Oh Crew.

He said, “It’s the same kind of clothing line as G Unit or Rockerfeller or Wu Tang Clan and is hip hop influenced and turned into a clothing line, wearing the same kind of thing ODB once wore. .

“It’s going to be t-shirts, tops, hoodies and whatever people want and it’s great that you can take something that I do for a hobby and make it a business.”

For Mr. Lau, the road to his own clothing brand and rapping career has been a long one, having struggled with a mental health issue for years.


He is currently in rehab at Abergavenny and has said he believes recording the music has helped him cope with his own situation and help others.

He said: “Just keeping the hobby is great and despite everything that has happened I felt they couldn’t crush my dream or my spirits or stop me from being successful.

“I continued and I’m recording new material for the next album, which I could call The Asylum, which is being recorded at the Beatsabar in Wolverhampton.

“I recorded at home and then sent them to mix and produce which is great and really keeps me going because they understand my job and help me with my sanity.

“I also have rap teams in the different rehab houses, which I started after they heard me rap and invited them to join me and now I help them rap and make videos. . “


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