Quinn Christopherson’s New EP Available December 10, Full Studio Album Expected In 2022 | Music


Alaska Native and NPR Tiny Deck 2019 winner Quinn Christopherson’s new EP, I am chewing gum, will be released on December 10e, by Play It Again Sam Records (http://www.playitagainsam.net/). A highly anticipated full studio album is expected in 2022. The EP will feature three songs, the title track, I am chewing gum, Good boy, and a remix of Loaded Gun.

In I AM Bubblegum, Christopherson traces his life’s journey through some key milestones while delivering the ‘I don’t know who I am’ feeling with every chorus.

“Bubblegum is about evolving and growing as a person. Not knowing who you are should be celebrated. So often we are forced to fix and define our identity, as if it were something finite. However, who I am is not set in stone until I find it. Things are changing and that’s the point. Bubblegum tells part of my evolution as a person. – Quinn Christopherson

For fans, the new EP reveals new musical identities while staying true to the wary lyrical nature they’ve grown to value and appreciate. This release represents acceptance of the fluid nature of his identity as a person and as a musician. New and old fans alike will appreciate the sarcastic nature of Good boy which reveals the hypocrisy of some men calling themselves feminists and their perception of what a good boy should do.

Many have tried to categorize Christopherson’s music, often categorizing it for descriptive effectiveness. Many music experts will continue to do so with new and future material. But, as he stated above, there is no need to have a tag as identity can flow and change. Like I am chewing gum reveals, Quinn Christopherson’s music will change over time as her identity changes.

Identity is at the heart of who Christopherson is a human being. He is Athabaskan and Iñupiaq and a trans man. Her life journey is often at the heart of her writing and is fully exposed in her lyrics.

Historically, Christopherson is known to share personal thoughts, often featuring members of his family and wearing his emotions on his sleeve. Writing has always been a therapeutic process, with lyrics playing a cathartic role, helping Christopherson deal with trauma and addiction. Like all great songwriters, this brutal honesty is used to help others deal with and overcome similar circumstances in their lives. The lyrics become a friend, a hearing support network.

My conversation with Christopherson focused on the songwriting process and her transition to a full-time musician. After winning NPR’s Tiny Desk, Christopherson toured with Courtney Barnett and Alaska-based Portuguese band The Man. He spoke fondly of these experiences and is motivated that another group can do it from Alaska. He has also been booked to perform at a European festival with headliners such as Iggy Pop, Sinead O’Connor, Lauryn Hill and Rufus Wainwright.

Like other live performers, the realities of COVID-19 have led to the cancellation of all live events. When asked if he was disappointed with missed opportunities, Christopherson had none. Rather, he spoke with gratitude of honing his craft.

What was once just a cleansing, organic exercise was now a full-time job. When I interviewed Christopherson he mentioned the challenge of not pushing the process when there was less creative flow present and working longer when the creative energies were flowing. The pandemic period was an opportunity to learn the ebb and flow of professional songwriting.

Christopherson has a bright future as a songwriter and will continue to be the pride of Alaska for decades to come. Fans will enjoy the aural journey as it grows musically while staying true to the lyrical brand of a Quinn Christopherson tune.

For now, enjoy the three-song EP along with his other previously released tracks. Soon the full album will greet you like an old friend you haven’t seen in a while. The lyrics will catch up with you on the life of Christopherson and you will share your admiration for new styles of music.


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