Pop singer-songwriter Camila Cabello’s third studio album, “Familia”, was just released on April 8, 2022.


american musician Camila Cabello talks about his life journey, his heartaches and his truest emotions in his new studio album, ‘Family’ with 12 tracks.

VSuban-american singer-songwriter Camila Cabello released their third studio album Familyon April 8, 2022 via Epic Records. The gifted artist named the album after the Spanish word for family. Although born and raised in Miami, the hitmaker has recently focused more on her Cuban-Mexican roots through her music. The first song on the album, ‘Celia’ is a full-fledged Spanish song with her eight-year-old cousin, Caro, on backing vocals. ‘Hasta Los Dientes’ with Maria Becerra is also sung entirely in Spanish. The other two songs, “La Buena Vida” and “No Doubt,” also feature Spanish lines or verses alongside dominant English lyrics. The agonizing resonance of the songs made the album stand out among the contemporary crowd.

This is Cabello’s third solo album and she conveys the message that she is learning and healing from her past experiences and thriving in life through her tracks. The album is presented as her journey to overcome various obstacles and heartbreaks in life that come from trying to include your lover in the family only to then separate from them. The songs are sure to make you feel connected and dig up similar memories to bring you closer. The album is a perfect infusion of the artist’s rich Latin heritage, modern pop sounds and experimental cadence. She collaborated with Ed Sheeran, WILLOW, Maria Becerra and Yotuel on the album.

Camila Cabello

The third studio album,Family comes almost three years after her last LP, ‘Romance’ released in 2019 and a few months after her split from boyfriend of two years Shawn Mendes. The songs prove that Cabello’s natural singing skills and ability to generate real emotion through his vocal presentation can break language boundaries and connect with audiences on a higher level. She is able to engage audiences and keep them hooked on her story, making a permanent place in their hearts.

Camila Cabello also opened up about her passionate exit from her girl group Fifth Harmony in the song “Psycho Freak,” providing closure to her fans and herself at one point as well. She sings “I don’t blame the girls for the way it happened”, and it’s the first time she’s spoken about it. The line could also be a reference to Fifth Harmony’s first song, “Down” after she left the band in 2016. Follow her on Instagram for more updates.

Album link: https://open.spotify.com/album/5Nn3fX7CuJo7tbibtqASmf


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