Peru Council Approves First Extended Live Music Request – Shaw Local


The Riverfront Bar and Grill in Peru will host live music until 11 p.m. on Saturday, June 11.

Go a minute later than 11 a.m., and Peruvian Police Chief Bob Pyszka said the company would receive a citation.

Peru’s city council approved its first extended request for live music at Monday’s regular meeting, allowing the Riverfront Bar and Grill to hold an outdoor show an hour beyond the city’s ordinance. The company agreed to stay within 65 decibels of the city.

Aldermen decided last month to deal with requests that go beyond the city’s outdoor music rules on a case-by-case basis. Petitions will be considered and voted on by the board as they are requested.

Pyszka previously said his department will have zero tolerance for any companies that have received special requests that go past their live music deadline or decibel level allowance. He said businesses that violate the city’s ordinance normally receive a warning, but those that receive special requests and violate these council allowances will receive a ticket.

Alderman Mike Sapienza also noted that any business that violates his special request is unlikely to receive any future requests.

In early April, Riverfront Bar and Grill at 1525 Water St. asked if it could extend the hours of live outdoor music an hour later than the 10 p.m. ordinance and increase the decibel level by 65 decibels required by the prescription at 85 decibels. The company has since rescinded its desire to increase decibel levels. City of Peru staff and aldermen met with Riverfront management and neighbors to find an arrangement that works for both parties.


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