Ranking every guest appearance on Kanye West’s Donda from worst to best

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Donda‘is many, many guest stars, ranked

For a long time, one of Kanye’s greatest talents has been his ability to get a million guests together on a record and not spin it like a DJ Khaled shitshow. He understood that collaborations should be more than just pumping verses from random guests to increase sales or flows, and that picking the right artists for the right times can be an art in itself.

But as Kanye’s music grew more blurry and rushed to his latest albums, his curation suffered as well. Sometimes he can still recruit and get the best out of people – and there are a lot of memorable guest appearances on. Donda– but its sense of conservation is surely not close to what it was 15 or 10 or even five years ago. So I decided to classify guest appearances on Donda and divide them into categories in order to separate offensive and forgettable cameos from moments that might make you think Kanye still has the Midas touch.

The theme of redemption goes too far

It is evident that Kanye is now seeking some sort of redemption after years of puppeting dangerous ideologies that are spreading across America. East Donda good enough to bring it back to light? Probably not. But the worst part is the way he uses the album to uplift artists alike in the pursuit of absolution, although they don’t deserve this opportunity.

Among them, the most embarrassing is Marilyn Manson, who is currently the subject of several sexual assault charges. The superfluous vocals of the shock rocker on “Jail pt 2” are useless. Looks like Kanye just wanted Manson’s toxic energy.

Free us from the grip that Chris Brown’s Hollister-fitting-room-ass voice still has on popular rap.

Too bad DaBaby fears the excuses because he also needs them for this verse!

Kanye needed an editor

This is the most disrespectful rap resurrection since the last Pop Smoke rap resurrection.

27) Sylène Johnson

I choose to pretend that the song Donda the intro does not exist and think of that of Syleena JohnsonEverything falls”Hook instead.

Kendrick, please grab your cousin by the ear and drag him out of the studio.

Supposedly they are on the album

25) Vory

Vory is apparently featured on three Donda tracks, but it’s still extremely forgettable. He might reveal that a secret pot of gold is hidden right under my bed, and I probably would have missed it again.

24) Alone

It would be a lot cooler if it was Sylvester Stallone. Picture it now: Sly spitting some Rambo quotes on some swollen organs. Kanye, feel free to steal this idea for the inevitable Donda reissue.

If you are a fan of François and the lights, please send me an email so that I can ask you: Why?

22) Tony Williams

It happened, I guess.

21) KayCyy

We’re about three months away from the inevitable Twitter rant where Kanye’s recent protégé KayCyy is like, “You told me he’d produce my next album if I helped out. Donda and never replied to me by SMS.

Kanye has to let them go

With Ty Dolla $ ign don’t hit like before.

Cudi should follow in A $ AP Rocky’s footsteps and ditch the music of 10 years ago and tell people he’s fashionable now.

  • “To the monk who visits the Rothschilds like Thelonious did Pannonica”
  • “In Tenochtitlan, they call me Terremoto, El Negro Loco”
  • “My bars are like the pyramid temples of Pacal Votan / As sure as the DOJ has confirmed Ezekiel’s wheel”

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Armin van Buuren releases his 8th studio album titled “A State Of Trance Forever”

Trance legend and Armada Music owner Armin van Buuren has officially released A state of trance foreverr in its entirety. While nearly all of the songs were released prior to the full album’s release, “Sonata,” “For All Time” and “Lost In Space” are freshly revealed inclusions that had never been available for full listening before. .

The album title is a reference to Armin van Buuren’s radio show – sometimes performed live in front of an audience – which has been running since 2001. It is an extensive electronic mix featuring all kinds of music from various artists, but usually includes music trance as that is the staple that fans have come to expect. ASOT had its 1000th show in September 2020, where over 50 million people attended the event. This reality gives a deeper view of the scale that Armin and the musical series have on the world.

Sander van Doorn, Rank 1, Paul Oakenfold, Aly & Fila, Push, Jorn van Deynhoven, Giuseppe Ottaviani and Susana, are some of the album’s signature collaborations, the 12 tracks brimming with quality nature and keeping the relevant genre because it also pushes it forward.

Here’s what Armin van Buuren had to share about it:

I started A State Of Trance to share the music I love with people around the world, and I’m so proud that it has grown into a community of its own for everyone who loves Trance music ”, says Armin van Buuren. “A State Of Trance has not only allowed me to stay in touch with my fans and share my own music, but also to highlight established and emerging artists that I admire. For ASOT1000 I wanted to do something special. So I decided to make a collaboration album with some of my favorite artists and sat down with them to create some trance tracks that will last at least a thousand episodes for the fans. We put a lot of love into these records and hope you enjoy listening to them, especially as there will be more albums to come in the ‘A State Of Trance FOREVER’ series. Each track, from 123 bpm to a serious rise, will also be a big part of my next sets. So are you ready to go into a trance state?! “

– Armin Van Buuren

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OMD to re-release classic hit singles as they celebrate Architecture and Morality album’s 40th anniversary

WIRRAL Orchestral Maneuvers In The Dark (OMD) have announced they will re-release classic singles Souvenir, Joan Of Arc and Maid Of Orleans, from their 1981 album Architecture and Morality on 12 ”vinyl on October 15.

Released in 1981, Architecture and Morality was OMD’s third genre-defying studio album. His iconic use of Mellotron and choral samples has received international critical acclaim and the album has sold over 4 million copies worldwide.

The album’s three singles all reached the top five of the UK Singles Chart and sold a total of 8 million copies combined.

Founders Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys met at Meols Elementary School before forming the group in 1978.

“The success of Architecture and Morality took us all by surprise,” said McCluskey. “Once again, we had followed our raison d’être to change our musical style, but we really seemed to have found a sound that resonated with a large audience.

“The three singles, Souvenir, Joan of Arc and Maid of Orleans, all made top five in the UK. To this day, they remain the ‘Holy Trinity’ amid our performances on stage, and the public reaction is always enthusiastic. ”

To celebrate their 40th anniversary, the band will be releasing the hits as three 12 “singles on colored 45-rpm vinyl. The vinyl contains a triple gatefold cover, silver panel and embossed details, as well as a performance card. download and is available for pre-order.

OMD will also embark on a UK arena tour in November, which will see the group perform songs from Architecture and Morality, along with many more from their legendary catalog.

The tour will stop at London’s Eventim Apollo and two hometown shows at the Liverpool Empire and Olympia.

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Abba Singles Rises to Top of Streaming Charts in Triumphant Comeback | Abba

Two singles released from Abba’s first album in 40 years topped the streaming charts, in a comeback that has garnered praise and excitement among fans who remember the original releases and a new audience. younger.

The first two singles from Abba’s upcoming album, due out on November 5, held first and third on YouTube’s trend chart in 12 countries on Friday, including the UK. I Still Have Faith In You gained 4.4 million views in 24 hours in Great Britain and Don’t Shut Me Down 1.4 million views.

Further confirmation of the intergenerational appeal of the Scandinavian pop group, Abba has already amassed 991,000 subscribers and 5.5 million likes on TikTok although he only joined the platform on September 1st.

The group, who performed a piano performance of Dancing Queen which received 7.3 million views in their first post, have generated a large number of videos Gen Z fans lip-syncing songs or parody scenes from the Mamma Mia movie.

Although Spotify has not updated its rankings since the singles were released, it did share data showing that the group was most streamed by young people between the ages of 18 and 24, and that their music has grown in popularity since 2014. , with doubling flows. period. Dancing Queen is the platform’s most popular song, according to the data.

An Abba Travel event in Stockholm, Sweden. Photograph: IBL / Rex / Shutterstock

Although Abba, who released all of his previous hits between 1972 and 1982, is now considered one of the most successful of all time, their popularity fell in the late 1980s and early 1990s, when ‘they were increasingly seen as kitsch.

However, it wasn’t long before the Swedish quartet returned to the top of the charts, with the release of the compilation Abba Gold: Greatest Hits in 1992, which is still one of the best-selling albums in the world. This was followed by the popular musical Mamma Mia on stage in 1999 and two blockbuster film adaptations starring Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, Dominic Cooper and Amanda Seyfried, in 2008 and 2018.

Fans of all ages have been thrilled with the return of pop legends. Gary Collins, who edits the magazine for Abba’s official international fanclub, said they were “absolutely overwhelmed” by news of the 10-track album. “It’s so much more than people dared hope for from a band that hadn’t recorded for so long. I think it’s amazing that they are coming back.

In particular, fans appreciate how Abba has sought to recapture the timeless appeal of their original sound, he said. “Looks like they never left. These songs in 2021 could easily have been included in one of their last two studio albums in 1980 and 1982. “

Collins said he was not surprised that Abba’s music was so popular among teenagers as they have always had an intergenerational appeal, and also their flamboyance and glam rock escape from the rock age resonates so much with the current mood.

“I remember in the 1970s I was just a young child, but the electricity cut two days a week,” he said.

“Music was a way to escape some of the difficulties people had. People are going through difficult times now, the news is terrible, and after this return they want something a little more joyful, it’s a bit of an antidote.

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August Singles – Washington Square News

August may have slipped back in time – and sipped like a bottle of wine – but that doesn’t mean August releases have to! If you’re in the mood to refresh your playlists, here’s a roundup of the singles released last month, from K-pop to country to DnB.

“Coastin” by Victoria Monét

Isabella Armus, Associate Artistic Editor

Summer, sex and synths, it must be a new track by Victoria Monét. In recent years, she has focused on her solo career after writing massive hits for artists such as Ariana Grande and Ciara. Illustrated by his 2020 EP “Jaguar”, Monét’s distinct sound flourished. The streak doesn’t end with her new late summer single “Coastin”. Dripping with tight riffs and velvety percussions, Monét expresses his desires. Demonstrating a confident autonomy over her body, she confides in the chorus that she can “make it go north, south, east, west coast”, creating a playful insinuation on the song’s title. It’s not your grandmother’s R&B though; the funk-inspired riffs and relaxing bassline of the song ensure the lyrics never fall into hokey territory. The only feels modern everywhere, proving that if anyone can make summer last a little longer, it’s Victoria Monét.


Jennifer Ren, Performing Arts Editor

The third single from burgeoning hip-hop group PANTHEPACK, “Buzz”, is a surprising listen, with a catchy chorus that will give you stuck song syndrome. Revolving around synth drums, the uplifting rhythms and fierce lyrics contrast with the cartoon-like teaser video. Released under Jackson’s label Wang Team Wang, PANTHEPACK features Wang, singer-songwriter Karencici, hip-hop artist ICE and producer J. Sheon. The song reflects the authentic and at times hardcore style of the band. “Buzz”, sung in English and Chinese, is full of stimulating assertiveness messages that sum up the team’s ambition. When Wang sings in a hoarse voice, “Tell the enemies that we did it / From the ground that we levitated, we did it,” it is clear how far they have gone – the effect of filtering on “have done” points out that they have, in fact, done it. With the quartet’s shared Chinese heritage, they sprinkle Mandarin lyrics throughout the song, weaving their culture into the music. Karencici’s melodic rap is particularly remarkable, the relaxed cadence of which makes you groove. The pulsating track melpolytropic flows with dense and rhythmic rhythms, creating a festive atmosphere that contrasts with Wang’s latest romantic and melancholy novel “Drive You Home. ”Much like Wang himself, PANTHEPACK not only wows listeners with its distinctive charm, but also ignites listeners’ curiosity about the future of this new hip-hop group.

“‘Just for me'” by PinkPantheress

Yas Akdag, music editor

Until a few weeks ago, I had no idea who PinkPantheress was. But that was all before PinkPantheress’ latest single “Just for me” blew up on TikTok. At the head of the chorus, she sings, “I’m obsessed with you in a way I can’t believe / When you wipe your tears, do you wipe them just for me?” The song is an instant earworm designed by British electro-pop producer Mura Masa, who was the originator of the hit song “Love $ ick” with A $ AP Rocky. With PinkPantheress, the duo bring back the DnB – drum and bass – a British genre heard in clubs and raves. “Just for me” follows the rules of the genre: the song consists of a simple looping bassline and drum beat, accompanied by a light acoustic guitar and ambient synths that swell and swirl through the sound field. With a short runtime of 1 minute and 55 seconds, it’s no surprise that this song has now been used in over 1.5 million TikTok videos and racked up millions of streams. PinkPantheress is definitely an artist to watch in the coming months.

“Paint Me Naked” by Ten (NCT)

Alexandra Chan, editor-in-chief

In an interview with Diving studiosTen shared that his third solo release, “Paint Me Naked,” was the first song he had creative control over. After two heartwarming and sweet releases, the self-proclaimed “alternative pop-rock” track is most easily summed up as entertaining. While the verses are light, highlighting her vocals, the choruses pack more oomph. Driven by a distorted electric guitar and bouncy rhythm, the chorus forces you to get up and dance – a consequence of Ten’s dance floor. It’s clear Ten is having fun with his comeback: wearing loud, colorful outfits in the clip to complete his bright and vibrant choreography. “Paint me Naked” is proof that Ten’s solo releases are reliable and of high quality.

“How can you live if you can’t love, how can you if you do” by Wednesday

Ana Cubas, artistic writer

Yes, I know this single was released at the end of July. But Wednesday’s second album, “Twin Plagues” was released in August, and I remembered how graceful this track is. The band’s shoegaze-tinged sound takes on a country tune with “How Can You Live…”, a ballad of love and loss to the sound of Big Star. Lead singer Karly Hartzman’s voice rocks, dives and cries in an unhurried cathartic fashion, melting into the melody of the steel pedal guitar. For such a hushed track, “How Can You Live…” contains as much emotion as there are words in the title. Hartzman sings, “The rooms would look much better if you were standing there / envious of the rooms whose floors can feel your weight on them. The lyrics are intimate and surreal, encapsulating a whimsical haze of emotional vulnerability. Listen to this song, you will understand why it is an honorary mention for the month of August.

BTS’s “Butter (Remix)” ft. Megan Thee Stallion

Annie Williams, Contributing Writer

Hot resident girl Megan Thee Stallion has teamed up with global sensation BTS on a remix of the latter’s hit summer song, “Butter.” Amid recent claims that her label, 1501 Certified Entertainment, was blocking the release of new music, Megan sought emergency help from the Texas courts to release the track, which she was granted. The vocals seem edged with gold as the band members use their signature high range, which contrasts with radiant synths and bouncy rhythm. As the queen of summer song, Megan fits naturally into the sunny glow of BTS’s groove, contributing to a rap mid-song and subtle vocal accompaniment later. She delivers her verse on a thrilling pace, declaring herself “the best in Houston” and “sweet as cocoa butter”. It is evident that his signature rap blends perfectly with the lush styles of BTS. The “Butter” remix marks a new step forward for the integration of BTS into the Western musical landscape. Their collaborations with Steve Aoki, Halsey, Ed Sheeran and Nicki Minaj are a testament to their success so far; there is more to be expected of them in the future.

“justified” by Kacey Musgraves

Elizabeth Moshkevich, Contributing Writer

Kacey Musgraves released the music video for his new single, “Righteous,” last week, and it immediately put me in my mind. As her fourth studio album approaches, the six-time Grammy-winning country star has moved away from understated thematic country ballads like “Rainbow”, “Star-Crossed” or “Space Cowboy.” On “justified”, she switches to a more upbeat and rhythmic country-pop sound but still easygoing which will make listeners nostalgic and reflective. The chorus itself is fun and catchy, despite the confidence of the lyrics, as Musgraves goes through the tribulations of grief. She sings “If I cry just a little bit, and I laugh in the middle, then I change my mind,” with a sweet confidence mixed with a tinge of nostalgia, emphasizing her ability to convey important messages through her words, her tone. convincing and cadence. This isn’t the first time she’s done it – she uses a similar dynamic between her lyrics and her voice in “Star-Crossed”. But in “Justified” she offers the listener something new by merging this dichotomy with a new genre and stepping out of her comfort zone.


Alexandra Chan, editor-in-chief

“LO $ ER = LO ♡ ER” is the electrifying first single from TXT’s latest repackaged album “The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE”. The drums crash and the bass riff reminds listeners of memories of their emo phase in college. The clip is also reminiscent of the 2000s pop-punk craze: TXT wears ripped black outfits, dark eye makeup, and windswept hair. The choreography involves mic stands and the back of a flatbed truck driving through the countryside. How not to remember Green Day? TXT continues to develop their young punk sound as “LO $ ER = LO ♡ ER” follows their latest lead song “1 × 0 = LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)”, where the band uses hand-held microphones to sing the song. desire to be loved. This new track, however, is about fighting for their love. “I say run,” they roar as the chorus kicks in and “flee” together out of this world; even though they appear to be losers in the eyes of the world, they want to be the lovers of those who are dear to them. TXT is not afraid to embody a young, heartbreaking love and embrace the emotions that resonate with their fans.

Contact the music office at [email protected]

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“The Ambassador of Soul” Ellis Hall Announces New Album, Singles Now

Ellis Room, “The Ambassador of Soul”, will be releasing his next studio album, Doc Kupka Presents: Let’s make an arrangement, on Strokeland Records (via Regime Music Group) on September 10, 2021.

Let’s Make an Arrangement was co-written by Stephen “Doc” Kupka of funk and soul pioneers Tower of Power and features 12 songs that offer variety in terms of musical range.

“What a gift to celebrate this amazing music with my brother from another mother,” The Funky Doctor “Doc Kupka,” Ellis shared from his home in California, “To be able to bring music lovers something that will make you groove, booglate and Oh yes, the musical journey continues… Let’s make an arrangement. CHAKALAKA !!! ”

The first two singles from the album are now available and available to stream on https://fanlink.to/EH_Arrangement (“Let’s make an arrangement) & https://fanlink.to/ellis_rules (“The rules do not apply to you”).

The complete list of songs for Let’s make an arrangement is as follows:

Let’s make an arrangement
Music was better then
Damned if I do
What can I tell you?
The rules don’t apply to you
Let’s make it a date
If we do, that’s fine
Get to know each other again
Your love has a hold on me
Unfair fight

Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ellis Hall is a seasoned singer with a powerful 5-octave range. Along with his musical career, he is a seasoned songwriter, arranger, producer and educator. Over a career spanning 50+ years, Ellis has proven to be an all-round artist who has entertained audiences on five continents and shared stages with music giants including Natalie Cole, Patti LaBelle, Herbie Hancock, George Benson, James Taylor and Sheila E. His reputation for excellence has earned Ellis awards and accolades around the world.

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Kanye West finally releases new studio album ‘Donda’

August 29, 2021 10:39 PM STI

Washington [US], Aug. 29 (ANI): After five weeks, four official public listening sessions and much media speculation, Kanye West finally released his album “Donda” on the streaming services Sunday morning.
It’s unclear when the album was released, but according to Variety, a press release from West’s label, Def Jam, arrived around 8:15 a.m.ET. The album’s arrival time thematically coincides with West’s “Sunday Service” performances in recent years.
The album, which lasts almost two hours in its released version, has changed radically over the listening sessions. One in Las Vegas, two in Atlanta on July 23 and August 6, and last Thursday in Chicago, with drastically different song orders and selections and star singers.
Jay-Z, the Weeknd, Travis Scott, Young Thug, Pusha T, the late Pop Smoke, Baby Keem, Jay Electronica, Kid Cudi, The Lox and many more have appeared in their various incarnations.
However, in the third and final event, Jay-Z’s fiery verses on “Jail” were replaced with new ones from DaBaby, triggering a storm of outrage online and several other popular verses were dropped as well.
However, the now released version restored the appearance of Jay-Z and other popular ones, previously removed by Kid Cudi and the Lox. The Weeknd’s verse also appears on the album with frequent West collaborator Mike Dean being credited on several cuts.

Veteran producers Swizz Beatz and Gesaffelstein also received credits on eight-minute “Jesus Lord,” one of the most memorable songs of the listening sessions. 88-Keys, BoogzdaBeast, and Jeff Bhasker all received production credits on other songs.
However, “Jail” also featured credit for Brian Warner, aka Marilyn Manson, who made a controversial stage appearance at Thursday’s listening event.
Between DaBaby, who effectively proclaimed himself homophobic with his public comments, and accused sex offender Manson, West has been widely accused of trolling the public, among others, after Thursday’s event.
Oddly, a ‘Jail Pt. 2’ who apparently credited DaBaby with his real name, Jonathan Kirk, appeared on Spotify’s tracklist but was blacked out and could not be played. This usually happens when the song has not been legally allowed to be played by the streaming service due to a copyright conflict or similar complication.
The album’s release also avoided a “release date battle” with Drake which some believe could take place, given the recent social media clashes between the two and the seemingly imminent release of the highly anticipated “Certified. Lover Boy ”by the Canadian rapper. album.
According to Variety, West would almost certainly have lost this battle, given the many previews of “Donda” and his behavior that has polarized audiences in recent years.
It’s also possible that this officially released version of the album may not necessarily be final. Previously, West continued to remix and re-record items from his 2016 album “Life of Pablo” for weeks after it was released on the streaming services. (ANI)

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Remember Ed Asner’s Memorable Guest Appearance

Ed Asner has appeared in almost every type of TV show during his incredible career, including police proceedings. Last year, he finally made his first appearance on CBS’s long-running series. Blue blood, sharing scenes with fellow legend Tom Selleck. Asner starred in “Vested Interests”, in which he played a friend of Selleck’s commissioner, Frank Regan. The episode, which aired on March 6, 2020, also saw Donnie Wahlberg’s detective Danny Reagan investigate a death that was first deemed to be homicide.

Asner died Sunday at the age of 91, surrounded by his family. “We are sorry to say that our beloved Patriarch passed away peacefully this morning. Words cannot express the sadness we feel. With a kiss on the head – Good night daddy. We love you,” his family tweeted.

The Blue blood Episode got its title from the story involving Sgt. Jamie Regan (Will Estes). He found himself under investigation after his police jacket was found on a suspected criminal. Meanwhile, Frank was troubled after his friend Chuck Kennedy’s (Asner) home was invaded, and the two got into a heated debate. Danny and Detective Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) have taken on the case of a hotel worker whose death was considered suicide but turns out to be murder. Finally, ADA Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) and Anthony Abetamarco (Steven Schirripa) were forced to strike a deal with a man who claims to know secrets about the prosecutor.

Asner was a television legend, with over 400 credits to his name, dating back to the late 1950s. To many he is Lou Grant, the cranky reporter he starred on. The Mary Tyler Moore Show and in his own series, Lou Grant. He won six Emmys for playing the character on both shows and also has an Emmy for his performance in Roots. Asner, who was 90 when he filmed his Blue blood appearance, also recently starred in the Modern family episode “Death on a Rival.” His other recent credits include Netflix Dead to me, Grace and Frankie, Forgive me, Mac Gyver, Cobra Kai, Criminal minds and The good woman. Young audiences recognize him as the voice of Carl Fredricksen in Disney and Pixar Up and as Santa Claus in Elf.

As for Blue blood, the beloved crime drama will begin its 12th season on Friday, October 1 at 10 p.m. ET on CBS. Wahlberg doesn’t see the show ending anytime soon. “I just know we’re having more fun than ever on the show,” he said. Pop culture in January 2020. “It’s still been the number one Friday night show for 10 years and it’s been a great race and I can’t see it stopping any time soon.” The episode of Asner and all the others Blue blood the episodes are available to stream on Paramount +.

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Nashville Sultan of Stream Lance Allen drops new singles – Nashville music guide

Lance Allen, right, backstage before a concert with guitar legend Tommy Emanuel.

Nashville has been nicknamed “Guitar Town” for almost a century because of the instrument’s importance in songwriting, its twang, and nowadays, its rock-influenced crunch. But a guitarist has succeeded not to be a part of it all, but to approach the guitar from a calmer, more melodic place, while using the tools of the internet to create a successful full-time career.

Acoustic guitarist Lance Allen’s biggest claim to fame might be his reputation as the guy whose original solo guitar tracks received a staggering 100,000,000+ streams online. It averages 400,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone. By persistently and consistently taking advantage of the ability to post music and videos, build an online fan base, reach out to digital decision makers and more, Allen has built a following that most musicians. would envy. He also developed other income opportunities with physical CD sales, live performances, studio production, Skype lessons and more. But that wasn’t his plan when he came to Nashville nearly two decades ago, before those options even existed.

“My idea was to come to Nashville and be a session musician,” Allen said by phone from his home in Rutherford County. “I wanted to come to Nashville and play sessions, that’s why I went to MTSU and studied the recording industry, and did a lot of recording sessions during that time. I played and wrote with Chris Young while I was at MTSU, it’s a big deal now. I was much more in the country music scene at the time, but I have since changed. I realized how difficult it was to get into that. But I just found my place in the world with the guitar.

Allen regularly releases new instrumental singles, having cut more than a dozen since the start of the pandemic in 2020. His latest is “Into Your Eyes”, a duet with fellow guitarist Maneli Jamal. “Maneli is a guitarist in Canada,” Allen said, “and he has a lot of followers as well, and when he and I do a collaboration it’s really refined because his expectations are so high. We made a 4k video for the song, and it was mastered by another brilliant Canadian guitarist, Anton Dufour. Their parts were recorded and video shot at their respective locations in Canada and Tennessee, then digitally shipped to complete the necessary editing and mixing.

There isn’t much room for an artist like Allen on terrestrial radio, but he’s always exploring other avenues to play his recordings. “I’m on Sirius XM,” he said, “what I have strived for for many years. I shot what I would call an ‘Andy Dufresne’ [Tim Robbins’ character in the The Shawshank Redemption], where he wrote to the governor twice a week to get all these books for the prison library, I persisted in emailing every week to the person who managed [Sirius XM’s] Spa channel where my music would fit. It took a long time, I probably worked on this for five years. In general, I do not receive any response to the emails I send. And I also partnered with the Calm app, which was a pretty good success for me. They have a guitar playlist and other types of relaxing and new-agey music.

Even though this is an old-fashioned term, Allen still fits into what is commonly referred to as the “new-age” genre. “I don’t like to call myself a ‘new-age’ person,” he said, “but I guess that’s kind of where I am. For some reason the instrumental guitar thing sort of falls into this Will Ackerman kind of thing. You can find it at lanceallenmusic.com or pretty much any online platform.

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Dame DOLLA releases highly anticipated fourth studio album

Damian Lillard continues to assert himself as the most accomplished host to ever play in the NBA.

Lillard, under her music pseudonym Dame DOLLA, released their highly anticipated fourth studio album on Friday, Different on the levels that the Lord has allowed.

The Trail Blazers superstar started teasing his latest music project earlier this summer. On August 5, he released a full music video for “The Juice,” the opening track for Different on the levels that the Lord has allowed with Jane Handcock.

Lillard’s latest album is his most starred yet. The 12-track set includes features like longtime collaborator Lil ‘Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Q-Tip, Raphael Saadiq, and Blxst, among others.

The album is littered with references to Lillard’s family and friends and her beloved hometown of Oakland, as well as the attributes and luxuries of success. Although Different on the levels that the Lord has allowed full of NBA-centric rhymes, a few retired basketball luminaries receive special mention.

“Him Duncan,” the seventh song on the album, is a play named after five-time NBA champion San Antonio Spurs icon Tim Duncan. The album’s penultimate track, “Kobe,” a tribute to the late Los Angeles Lakers legend and her daughter, Gigi, starring Snoop Dogg and Derrick Milano, first appeared on the tracklist of NBA 2K21.

Different on the levels that the Lord has allowed is Lillard’s second album produced through her label, Front Page Music, after 2019 Large DOLLA Lillard releases his first album, The letter O, in 2016, and dropped out Confirmed one year later.

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