Loans up to 15,000 KR. In 15 minutes from an application for payment. Yang takes up the fight with other lenders. It will take no more than a minute to apply and the money will be credited to your account in less than 15 minutes. Absolutely no close questions about what you will spend the money on. At Yang you can borrow from 500 KR. To 15.000 KR. And payback as you wish, from 3 months to 24 months.

Request an easy signature loan no credit check now

You sign the documents for a signature loan. Sign and the loan is yours.

When you log in with NemID, you also give Yang permission to retrieve information about your finances from SKAT. Yang can retrieve your Annual Statement automatically from SKAT and use the information to credit you. It all takes less than a second, but you do not need to evaluate your finances. However, it is an algorithm and not a person who makes the decision.

NemID is also your confidence that your data and information are secure. All information you submit with NemID is encrypted and all companies must be approved to be allowed to use it.

  • Loans up to 15,000 KR.
  • Pay repayments or only interest expenses
  • The money paid in 15 minutes
  • Simple application process
  • No hidden fees

Yang Finance Aps is a provider of savings loans with Spar Nord in the back. Yang offers short-term loans with a maturity of between 3 and 24 months and lending from 500 KR. To 15,000 kr. This is a competitor for the established market lending. Should you choose Yang or are there better options? Read on and see the answer.

Loans up to 15,000 DKK in 4 steps:

Yang offers new customers to borrow up to DKK 4,000. Of course, you can borrow less, up to $ 500. Once you have paid the first loan back, and so if you are a good payer, your maximum loan amount rises to $ 6,000. If you pay it back, you can now borrow 8,000 DKK and once more until you can borrow 15,000kr.


  1. credit: 4,000 kr.
  2. credit: 6,000 kr.
  3. credit: 8,000 kr.
  4. credit: 15,000 kr.

Yang is a loan that is about trust. You build your credit rating by paying your previous loan until you can borrow the maximum amount. Therefore, it is also easy to borrow at Yang for the first time.

Terms of loan:

  1. You are between 20 and 60 years old
  2. You are not in RKI
  3. You have Danish CPR.Nr.
  4. You live in Denmark
  5. You have a Danish bank account

You will also be credited, but there is no requirement for security, income and the like. The most important thing is that you pay your loan back. Doing so increases your credit rating, even if you have not received a higher income lately.

Quick application and payment

Should you spend money now? So, as in NOW, right now and here? So Yang might be the solution. At Yang, you can apply, be approved AND have the money in your account in 15 minutes. It must be close to being Denmark’s fastest credit loan. All you need to do is complete the questionnaire and sign with NemID (important!). Then you will be credited immediately. Have you applied before kl. 17, you will receive the money paid to your bank account within 15 minutes.

It is completely non-binding to apply with Yang and you will NOT be asked what you need the money for. You can borrow whatever you need. A bill to be paid tomorrow, the last-minute holiday, the dental visit you had forgotten about. Nobody asks you what to spend the money on. No close bank adviser needs to know your entire life story in order for you to get a granted overdraft.

Remember, you have 14 days of withdrawal

You always have 14 days of cancellation on loans. Therefore, if you find that you do not need the loan, you may regret it. It requires that you repay the entire loan amount and any expenses Yang has had. You must also remember to give notice of reprisals in writing.