Noname Scraps ‘Factory Baby’ Studio Album Citing Creative Block


The wait for Noname’s third studio album, 2018’s highly anticipated sequel Room 25, has been extended indefinitely as the Chicago rapper grapples with creative blockages and a lack of a real connection with the producers.

In a since-expired Instagram post, Noname said, “Most of the time I don’t know if I’ll be making music again. The last time I did songs regularly was four years ago. It has been so difficult to find producers to associate with and with whom I really connect with sound. I’m really grateful for the art I was able to post, but maybe it’s mine.

A representative for Noname did not immediately respond to Rolling stonerequest for comments.

“No lie, this shit makes me incredibly sad and I rarely leave the crib these days,” she continued on Instagram. “I don’t want to keep lying and saying there’s an album on the way when there isn’t.”

Earlier this year, the rapper said Rolling stone as his third studio album baby factory was in its infancy, but could be completed in two months with the right level of focus. There she worked with producer DJ Dahi (Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Big Sean) and created what she called “Noname music”, which made sense of the experiences she had between releases.

“I think I kind of still live with that,” she said. “I live, live, live for years and then I come back, and I vomit.” She’s released scattered singles ever since Room 25, including the outspoken “Rainforest” shared in February, but the only consistent flow of creative output has come from her book club. The Noname Book Club meets monthly for conversations around two texts from writers of color who recognize inequity.

“I’m like ‘If I make a fiery album and keep doing the same thing where I don’t release personal products and push all of my fans to buy book club products, we’d just be able to. to raise more money and do more things, “she said. The book club has formed 12 local chapters in Boston, Phoenix and London. Noname doesn’t seem to have finished creating or starting conversations radical and introspective – perhaps this is not in the format we expect of her.


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