No more disappointment for Kanye West fans as studio album delayed


Geniuses have always been a capricious and strange bunch. For example, Nikola Tesla would have married a pigeon, while Ludwig Van Beethoven would pour water on his head to help him compose his great symphonies.

A whimsical and creative genius in his own right, Kanye West has certainly been unleashed with the genius stereotype. West was set to release their 10th studio album titled Donda on Friday July 23, but typically blew up the massive listening event without relinquishing the record, says News24.

In typical Yeezy fashion, the rapper arrived nearly two hours late for his sold-out session at Atlanta Stadium. There is nothing worse than having your enthusiasm and anticipation crushed by your favorite artist after waiting hours for him to arrive on stage while paying between $ 20 and $ 100 (R200 to R1500) for a ticket. However, fans may have been very disappointed as West reportedly spent the next 48 minutes roaming the stadium floor while performing without a mic, reports Independent.

West’s latest masterpiece is named after his mother, Donda West, who sadly passed away in 2007. As her new material blared through the stadium’s speakers, fans were treated to musical content that continued to delve into the topic of religion and featured a few references to her high-profile split from Kim Kardashian.

The estranged couple share four children, who were reportedly present at the listening party. Kardashian also joined the unveiling.

As for when the rapper’s regular fans will be able to preview his latest album. The artist’s label said enthusiastic listeners will have to wait another two weeks before the album is officially released.


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