New infrastructure and extended live music hours approved by city council


HUNTSVILLE, Alabama (WAFF) – Two big decisions have been approved by Huntsville city leaders that will impact everyone.

Plans are moving forward with the expansion of the Northern Bypass and live music can be played later that night in the city’s designated entertainment districts.

For the Northern Bypass, a $ 30 million contract with the Alabama Department of Transportation was unanimously approved to go ahead with construction.

The northern ring road will link Highway 53 to Highway 72 East. It will allow drivers to travel from Memorial Parkway to Pulaski Pike and then to the extension of the Rideout road.

This is all part of a larger package to have a motorway loop around the city.

Urban and Economic Development Director Shane Davis said work has already started, but that federal money is needed to continue.

Moving on to live music, from now on, on Friday and Saturday evenings, only businesses in the Arts & Entertainment districts can play live music until 11 p.m.

There are 4 arts and entertainment districts in Huntsville.

It also has an impact on New Year’s Eve, live music will be allowed until 1 a.m.

Jennie Robinson and Frances Akridge were the only two to vote against the ordinance over fears that other businesses will extend their hours of operation.

“It wouldn’t surprise me at all if a company outside of the Entertainment District came to the board and called for you to extend this amendment to areas outside the Entertainment District. It would certainly be their right to ask. It would be up to you whether or not to consider this change, ”said City Manager John Hamilton.

“Our departments will apply these ordinances as they are written based on what you have adopted. If there is another amendment on the road, this council or future council will have to do it.

Another conversationalist was cutting back. The board was able to consider three proposed changes, but no decision was finalized.

The final division plan will be adopted on December 16 at the next scheduled municipal council.

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