‘My songs come from a special place inside’

Segun ‘Jaygo’ Dada

By Agbonkhese Oboh

Segun Dada is a popular face in theaters and television series. ‘Chouga‘,’Jemeji‘, I will blow are just a few of them. But as Jaygo, Segun Dada clings to his first love: music.

Recently he dropped a string of singles that could be considered an album, but Jaygo says, “It’s not an album as such. I only decided to drop a few singles, five in all.

“In an age when the world now lives in mobile devices, it’s better to have my music in your head too, hence the lyrical rampage.”

The tracks are ‘Eko-Ile’ / Lagoscity, ‘Circles’, ‘Play All Night’, ‘Go-Slow’ and ‘Selfie’.

On the way he gives birth to his songs, Jaygo said, “My songs have always come from a special place within me or from the space I find myself in at special times.

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“I could be in the bathroom and a melody hits me. That tune becomes words and then I take it from there.

“For example, ‘Play All Night’ hit me as I was boarding a Okay on my way to a filming location while filming the Jemeji TV series for Africa Magic.

“I hummed the melody in my head all day and recorded the idea as a voice note on my phone.

“Circles” was inspired by a newspaper article about the dangers of shops closely linked to the island of Lagos, when one of the shops used to store fireworks at Christmas caught fire.

“’EkoILE / LagosCity’ is how I channel my inner Fela AfroBeat side. Very inspired by necessity and the city that always gives you something to sing about, it’s a tune that I made mainly for the cinema.

My collaborators

“I always work with very talented musicians in the studio. You might not know him yet, but Oyin Sax is a great artist that I always love to have around my creative sessions.

“Another guitar maestro and songwriter I have had the privilege of creating with is Uncle Toks. I would also like to work with a list of popular people; maybe not in Nigeria.

Asked about his favorite genre, he said: “I like to explore my abilities to the fullest. ‘Circles’ is Afro Soul, ‘Play All Night’ is Pop / Dance, ‘Eko-ILE’ is Afrobeat / Techno fusion.

Any model? :. But I grew up listening to the masters. From Fela to Creed, including many rock groups from the early 2000s.

Unique me

“Brother, the best part of all my music is that it’s me. Really me, just singing the words in my head, composing the tunes with my mouth on my recorder and telling a story with rhythm for about three minutes .

“The album should be ready soon. It took forever, but, again, the mission right now is to get the world’s attention to my music, one jam at a time.

On the way he navigates between the stage and the microphone: “People are taken aback when I say that music has always been my first love before I trained for the theater.

“So when I’m not involved in a theatrical or film production, I take funds from the last film salary and pay for the music recording sessions.

“It has been a mainstay of making sacrifices for all these years. Being a freelance artist is a dangerous life.

Expressing his feelings on the Nigerian entertainment scene, Jaygo said, “Well, music is now selling O2 and drawing crowds all over the world.

“The movie, if Netflix is ​​the standard, hasn’t been too bad lately. There is a lot of room at the top.

But Jaygo, you don’t make ordinary music and sound. How do you hope to succeed in your love affair with music?

“There are bands and artists in the world who don’t sell shows and have never had a live concert.

“But cash on downloads, movie license soundtracks, commercial soundtracks, branded tunes (like the EPL).

“The current era of the internet and social media has changed and expanded the ways in which music creators can now make their fortunes.

“A British singer, John Newman, won gold when the famous video game franchise FIFA (Soccer) used his song as the soundtrack.

“It has now become the trend for artists and labels around the world, myself included. “

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