Musical theater starlet Courtney Monsma to release debut studio album ‘In The Light’


Australian musical theater starlet Courtney Monsma best known for bringing Princess Anna to life in Disney’s Australian production Frozen the Musicalwill release their first studio album In the light tuesday 3rd May.

The debut album, which includes nine covers and one original song ‘The light that you areis designed to shine an inside light, explore Courtney’s journey over the past two years, and share her passion for storytelling.

“I chose songs that resonate with me, while celebrating or marking key moments in my career. The last few years have been difficult for artists around the world, but it has also reminded me of the importance and the impact that theatre, as an art form, can have on people all over the world. Connecting with the audience means a lot to me because the shared experience strengthens my purpose in acting, and I hope that songs i included In the light also have an impact on listeners.

Monsma wrote her original track ‘The light that you are during confinement when she had time to reflect on her mental health, including her own. ‘The light that you are explores the power you can find by looking within, rather than relying on external sources to uplift you and recognizing the light that shines within you to galvanize your own inner strength.

Listeners will recognize many of the cover songs, including Sara Barellies‘ ‘She was mine’ of the waitress and by Jason Robert BrownI’m not afraid of anything’ of songs for a new worldwhich Monsma used to sing to herself when she studied musical theater at the Queensland Conservatorium.

Theatergoers will revel in Monsma’s personal favorites from beetle juice, Mean girls on broadway, AIDA on Broadway and Six the Musicalin which Monsma played Katherine Howard on the Australian tour before landing the role of Princess Anna.

“I am delighted to include my version of Katherine Howard’s ‘all you want to do‘ in remembrance of the continued impact this show has had on my life as well as the incredible connections I’ve made with Queendom and many people through this show.

“And beetle juice was the first Broadway show I saw, so I loved recording a version of ‘Mom dead. It’s a stripped-down version focusing on lyrics and narration by perfect eddie and I loved adding my twist to this amazing song.

The album also contains two very special tracks from the The Frozen Musical song catalog; ‘True love’ and ‘I can’t lose you’the latter being a heartfelt duet with Courtney’s co-star Jemma Rix who plays Elsa in the Australian production of the hit Broadway show.

“It’s my privilege to sing”I can’t lose you’ with Jema. She was an important part of my growth as a performer and a person, as well as being one of my idols growing up.

In the light will be available for purchase in CD form from and iTunes, and streamed on Spotify and Apple Music Tuesday, May 3rd 2022.


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