Music Update 5/12: Singles Club


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We keep you in touch with singles from the SLC music community, albeit in pairs. Here are the latest releases from this week.

Gigi Love, “Dancing with Beauty”

This one is really a song with a message, a call to the American Red Rock Wilderness Act and a hymn to the lost nature across the United States. A traveling musician, Love says she has seen different forms of loss across the country, from swamps to forests. Drawn to the energy of Western states, Love feels the song is part of a collective effort to keep what is intact.

“The US Red Rock Wilderness Act,” she says, “is starting to have an impact at the federal level. That’s why I personally felt the urge to do the music video and write the song “Dancing with the Beauty”, so the momentum could continue to build.

The song precedes a compilation album Love is producing, titled Listen to the Red Rock, slated for release later in 2022. This work will feature contributions from Cozy Sheridan, Kate MacLeod and Tyler Grant, among others.

Love says “the song was basically written while I was hiking around Cedar Mesa in the Bears Ears area in the fall of 2021. The beauty and the peace were mesmerizing. I have always felt drawn to the history of places that intrigue me. My guitar, vocals, and Native American flute all landed at Counterpoint in SLC. From there, I let it fly into the hands of producer Nick Stone of South for Winter. We met online and I loved what he had produced for other artists. It has gone from being an acoustic tribute to more of an “anthem” for America’s Red Rock Wilderness. The sound got bigger and expansive in Nick’s hands, and to me it felt like he was really rocking the message.

Love will appear on “Sunday Sagebrush Serenade” with KRCL’s Lori Rosendahl on Sunday, May 22 at 10:30 a.m. For more information, her website is

Here is the video for “Dancing with the Beauty”

Daniel Young, “Groundwater Line”

Songwriter Daniel Young is back with a new single, “Water Table Line”, a track that features the performer of the same name on a long list of instruments: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums, percussion and lap. steel. Joining him: Lillie Mae (fiddle); Muskrat Jones (pedal steel); Corinne Gentry (backing vocals); and Marcus Bently (bass).

The Americana artist recorded the work at his Orchard studio in North Salt Lake, creating “a song about trying to catch the hustle before it catches up to you, taking a little time to settle down.” loosen”.

The beautiful cut can be heard via Young’s website, or via And, yes, we covered her latest pair of collaborative singles (“Coral Rose” and “Monday Matinee”) here on Buzz Blog just a few weeks ago. Read about those here.


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