Meshuggah Announces 9th Studio Album, Immutable, Shares Heavy Teaser


Swedish metalheads Meshuggah have announced their ninth studio album, Immutable. Arriving on April 1 via Atomic Fire Records, the LP will be the band’s first album since 2016. The violent sleep of reason.

Posting to social media on Friday, January 14, the band shared a teaser of what we believe will be the first single from the album. In typical Meshuggah form, the 30-second single sees an array of chug-worthy qualities from guitarists Fredrik Thordendal and Mårten Hagström, and is undoubtedly just a drop in an ocean of technological extreme metal to come. . Check it out below.

“The title fits perfectly with where we are as a band,” Hagström said in an accompanying statement. “We are older now. Most of us are in our 50s now, and we’ve settled into who we are.

“Even though we’ve experimented all along, I also think we’ve been the same since day one. The way we approach things and why we’re still making new albums, and why we’re still sounding the way we do, it is immutable.

“Humanity too is immutable. We make the same mistakes over and over again. And we are immutable. We do what we do and we don’t change.

Expect the album to be as musically complex as you can imagine, as the five musicians have been working on it for almost a year. The band announced their return to the studio – and the return of Fredrik Thordendal, who left the band in 2017 – in March 2021, promising “distortion and kicks”.

Thordendal’s reintroduction to the fold meant the departure of touring guitarist Per Nilsson from Scar Symmetry.

“We release Per Nilsson into the wild to roam free as he pleases,” the band said. “It was a real privilege and honor to share the stage with Per and most importantly, we made a great friend during our travels. Par. We thank you. You are a wonderful human being!”

Immutable arrives April 1, with pre-order available from January 28. For more information, visit group website.


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