Lucy Dacus covers Cher’s hit ‘Believe’ for Spotify Singles series


Cher’s 1998 worldwide hit “Believe” was covered by alternative/indie legend Lucy Dacus.

As part of the Spotify Singles series, Lucy Dacus has released renditions of “Believe” and “Partner in Crime”. Cher’s original version of “Believe” was the title track from her 1998 album of the same name. The pop/dance anthem was stripped down by Dacus into a slow burn of existential questioning.

Dacus, the alternative/indie queen, paired the release with a version of her song “Partner in Crime.” The original version of this song was released with his album home video Last year. The singer-songwriter said “Partner in Crime” was partly inspired by “Believe,” so the couple is meant to be.

“I feel like some of my favorite lyrics I’ve written are in ‘Partner in Crime’ and maybe they’re not as noticeable because the effect kinda takes you out of it,” shares Dacus. “So I just wanted to lay it bare and present the song for what it is without any tricky production moves.”

The 27-year-old Virginia native went on to talk about Cher’s iconic nature and her music, saying, “I love Cher’s vocals and how low she gets. The timbre of his voice is so unique that you can recognize him anywhere. Even with autotune, you can tell it’s Cher and nobody else.

“But, on our cover, taking the autotune off, I feel like you can tell the structure of the song is very special, and I accidentally felt like I wanted to go Cher when I was doing vocal takes. That didn’t could ever happen, but I love a low-voiced pop legend.

The new songs settle in the ear, the transfer of emotion uninhibited by the whimsical layers of autotune and magic shuffle.

Do you believe in life after love? Maybe – but you can definitely trust Lucy to breathe new life into sad love songs.

Dacus’ third studio album, Home Video, landed June 25, 2022 via Matador. She recently performed a stellar set at 3Olympia Theater in April, supported by SOAK.

Revisit Lucy Dacus’ June 2021 interview with Hot Press here.

Check out the “Believe” and “Partner in Crime” cover below:


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