Little Mix’s Top 10 Singles

small mixture

Little Mix have completed their last tour, which means that as of now, they are officially on hiatus.

The three remaining members (Jesy Nelson left the band a year and a half ago) are all set to embark on solo careers in music, TV, fashion and more, but they’re not starting from scratch. They all have huge discographies filled with hits, No. 1s, platinum hits and some of the most memorable pop girl groups ever released.

But which is the best?

Compiling lists like this is always subjective, and fans in the UK may have a different opinion than a US listener, and tastes vary from person to person.

This chart is simply one person’s choice, but it includes many of Little Mix’s biggest, best performing and most beloved singles. So, while the period of mourning continues, it’s time to press play and listen to (some) of the girl group’s best hits.

Here are the 10 best Little Mix songs, listed in alphabetical order (and not best to worst).

small mixture
small mixture

“Black magic”

The first single from their third album Get weird‘Black Magic’ returned Little Mix to the top of the UK song charts Their second album Greet hadn’t been as successful as its predecessor, but the girl group was able to bounce back quickly with the incredibly catchy tune. It became their third No. 1 in their home country and their first to hold the top chart for more than a week.

“Breakup Song”

While the world may not have known it at the time, Confetti ended up being Little Mix’s last proper album, and they didn’t disappoint when they released the hit-laden project. The group presented the effort with the single “Break Up Song”, which was not chosen as the first single until the very last minute, because the members felt that it was really special… and it was. .

“Heartbreak Anthem” with Galantis and David Guetta

After finishing wrapping up the promotion surrounding their last traditional studio album Confetti with the title track, Little Mix didn’t really take it easy. The group has dropped several collaborations, two of which feature on this list. Of the pair, “Heartbreak Anthem” is perhaps the biggest and best, as it was specifically designed to be played in arenas. It’s not just another dance-pop hit, but a true anthem, as the title suggests. Also, combining the girl group with DJ David Guetta and electro production group Galantis was truly inspired.

“Kiss My (Uh-Oh)” with Anne-Marie

English pop singer Anne-Marie waited four years between her two albums, but when she finally shared Therapy, fans were thrilled to hear his latest single. “Kiss My (Uh-Oh)” featured Little Mix, and it heavily interpolated Lumidee’s hit “Never Leave You (Uh Oooh, Uh Oooh)”, which was originally released in 2003. Some fans recognized the tune and loved the collaboration. even more for its use, while others didn’t know about it, so they liked it just because it’s awesome.

“No Time to Cry” with Nathan Dawe

In between, distribute singles of Confetti, Little Mix found the time to work with rising English DJ and producer Nathan Dawe. They collaborated on the single “No Time for Tears”, which was immediately referred to as a dancefloor-ready giant. It is noted as the last track they released as a quartet, as Jesy Nelson left the band shortly thereafter.

“Power” with Stormzy

glory day wasn’t just another album for Little Mix, it was a hugely successful era. It remains the group’s most certified release, as it was once named a quadruple platinum project for the girl group, and it lived on the UK charts longer than most feature films thanks to its incredibly stable and successful singles. The last of the promotional cuts was “Power”, a high-octane call for female supremacy. Stormzy’s presence is a great addition, and even though she’s half a decade old, she looks fresh and new to this day.

“Shout at my ex”

“Power” ended the glory day brilliantly, but the album was introduced with the exceptional touch of pop perfection that is “Shout Out to My Ex”. The title’s first single is another example of the girl power Little Mix has brought to everything they’ve done, and it’s also one of the best tracks of the past decade that can help anyone overcome. this love that is gone too soon. It’s impossible not to sing along with this one.

“Sweet Melody”

Little Mix’s latest number 1 single in their home country of the UK, “Sweet Melody” blends the girl group-style pop the band quickly became known for with reggaeton sounds. The tune served as the third promo cut from Confettiand it was yet another track that focused on a cheating ex that the women were happy to get rid of.

“To touch”

yet another glory day single, “Touch” is like catnip for gays in clubs. By the time that first word is sung, it is clear that it is on. The colorful video is pretty straightforward, but the music takes it to another level. To be perfectly honest, “Touch” is a fantastic example of how Little Mix could take a track that might sound a bit ordinary in the hands (and mouth) of another singer or band and make it exceptional. It makes sense that Little Mix won The X factor, because that’s exactly what they have.


Although Little Mix’s career may have technically kicked off with the single “Cannonball” (the song they released after winning The X Factor), some consider “Wings” to be their debut. The track showcased what their sound would be and launched what would become a legendary career. Unsurprisingly, “Wings” went straight to No. 1 on the UK Songs Chart, and it even performed well in the US, becoming one of their only US hits.


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