Listen to Eric Johnson’s new singles, “To Be Alive” and “Move On Over”


Eric Johnson has released two more singles, one each from his upcoming albums.

“To Be Alive” appears on The manufacturing book while “Move On Over” appears on Yesterday meets today. Both will be released on July 29 and are available for pre-order now.

The singles can be heard below.

In a statement, Johnson described “To Be Alive” — which features Brian May’s protege Arielle — as “a song I wrote years ago but never got any lyrics to.” It was recorded a few years ago after Arielle wrote some very nice lyrics. I’m a big fan of her voice and love the way she sang the song.

He added that “Move On Over” was “a variation on a John Lee Hooker riff, and I just added some vocals that would talk about stepping aside and letting the universal spirit flow through you”. He noted that he once performed it live at one of his Alien Love Child shows.

In April, Johnson released “Soundtrack Life” from The manufacturing book and the title track of Yesterday meets today.

Eric Johnson, “The Book of Making” Tracklist
1. “The Life of the Soundtrack”
2. “Floating Through This World”
3. “Love will never say goodbye”
4. “Bigger Than My Life”
5. “Just to be with you”
6. “Be alive”
7. “Another Like You”
8. “My faith in you”
9. “A Thousand Miles”

Eric Johnson, “Yesterday Meets Today” Track Listing
1. “Move on”
2. “Yesterday meets today”
3. “It’s just the rain”
4. “Maha”
5. “Hold on to love”
6. “Sitting on top of the world”
7. “Dorsey takes the day off”
8. “JVZ”
9. “Until We Meet Again”

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