Leaked setlist hints at possible Daft Punk guest appearance during The Weeknd’s Super Bowl performance



The “setlist” has been identified as a direct match to the tracklist from The Weeknd’s second largest album, The strong points, announced on January 28 and scheduled for release on February 5. Since the LP is releasing in anticipation of its prime-time performance, just two days before its halftime, The strong pointsThe tracklist could double as The Weeknd’s Super Bowl setlist.

When the NFL confirmed The Weeknd was the halftime performer for Super Bowl LV, one question was at the forefront of the minds of electronic music enthusiasts: Could a Daft Punk appearance be considered? A leaked setlist, first identified by GQ Mexico, seems to suggest it.

The 18-song record, considered the model for The Weeknd’s imminent Super Bowl move, includes his two feature films Daft Punk, “I Feel It Coming” and “Starboy”. Next to the songlists, which occupy the fifth and sixth places on the list, respectively, is “Ft. Daft Punk. Although this could be interpreted as a signal that Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter could very well groom the football field alongside the After hours producer, it is also possible that this is only a representation of the original credits of the songs.

Notably, Kendrick Lamar’s feature film of The Weeknd, “Pray For Me,” follows the same format, either giving credit to the setlist’s recognition of the artist / singer featured, Where indicating a surprise appearance on the part of the good kid, MAAd town album maker too.

Ariana Grande’s name is also on the list, and Daft Punk, Kendrick Lamar, and the Positions singer, Grande might be the most likely performer to show up at football’s biggest night given the style of song on which she characteristics. Instead of “Ft [artist name]”, the list of tracks that Grande attends appears as” Love Me Harder, Ariana Grande & The Weeknd. “This difference in representation seems to signal a live duet with the Sweetener soprano, and could dispel the idea that Daft Punk and / or Lamar must appear.

Of course, time will tell, and fans won’t have to wait long to find out, with Super Bowl 2021 slated for February 7. And, in the meantime, never-before-seen footage of Daft Punk’s 2007 Lollapalooza set, first uploaded on January 22, is available here.

Going through: GQ Mexico

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