Lamar Williams Jr. releases back-to-back singles


Lamar Williams Jr. Builds on momentum to join international funk group The New Mastersounds on their 20th anniversary tour and the release of their Billboard record ‘Shake It’ in 2019. Son of the late Lamar Williams, who played music bass with The Allman Brothers 1972-1976 released a brand new original solo single “Cold As Ice” available now on The Red color. Following on from last Friday’s release of “A Brighter Day,” a collaborative series launched by The New Mastersounds that featured renditions of the Eddie Roberts arrangement with vocals designed by fellow Color Red artists Josh Hoyer and Adryon de Leon, Williams’ version was the final interpretation in the series and it was the perfect catapult to set the stage for the eclectic singer’s new solo release.

Lamar Williams Jr. ruminates on bringing racial justice to the fore and breaking down generational apathy in “Cold As Ice”. Williams reflects on the bizarre blessings and curses of the pandemic and the heightened awareness that time has offered to slow down and combat systemic racism. Unlike in times past, this was a time when people from all walks of life and walks of life stood up on the streets and implemented concrete work to create changes in an oppressive system and amplify the voices of people of color. . In the hope that everyone can stay on the same team and keep working, he conveys a core value of love and his ability to heal, grow and nurture in any situation. Produced by Eddie Roberts at Color Red Studios in Denver, CO and co-written with Nashville Emmy-nominated composer Joshua CS, Williams is joined by James Dumm on guitar, Casey Russell on organ, Jiho Han on bass and Will Trask on drums in a heavy call for funk-rock change.

Over the past few months, Williams has been on tour with the North Mississippi Allstars, made several appearances with Oteil & Friends, and worked remotely with Roberts and various collaborators to flesh out an upcoming solo album to be released in 2022.

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