Lalo Alcaraz talks about guest appearance of beloved cartoonist Sergio Aragonés


Lalo Alcaraz from Casagrandes explains the role of legendary cartoonist Sergio Aragonés as Paco the parrot on the Nickelodeon show.

Developed by Michael Rubiner, co-executive produced by Miguel Puga and premiered in 2019 on Nickelodeon, The Casagrandes follows Ronnie Anne Santiago and her family after they move to Great Lakes City to live with their titular extended family. The next episode in the series, “Mexican Makeover”, will explore how children love and experience their culture when Mama Lupe, Abuela Rosa’s mother, comes from Mexico. In the episode, Abuela worries that her grandchildren have become Americanized and are not respecting the traditions of the family. Fearing Mama Lupe’s judgment and wanting her to see that all is well, Rosa calls on the children to put on a show for Mama Lupe.

Legendary cartoonist Sergio Aragonés, who won an Eisner Award in 2001 for La Plumilla de Plata, makes an appearance in “Mexican Makeover”, where he will play Paco, a parrot who accompanies Mama Lupe everywhere. CBR spoke with Casagrandes producer and cultural consultant Lalo Alcaraz on the integration of Aragonés in the mix.

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Himself creator of satirical comics La Cucaracha and award-winning editorial designer, Alcaraz said he has long admired Aragonés, famous for his work with CRAZY review and Groo the Wanderer. He said that he and Casagrandes Co-executive producer Miguel Puga meets Aragonés frequently at comic book conventions, and Alcaraz always has his picture taken with the comic book legend. Inviting Aragonés to put on the show naturally followed. “We thought it would be hilarious to bring in people we love and admire,” Alcaraz said.

As for Aragonés’ role in “Mexican Makeover,” Alcaraz said, “The point is he’s an icon and he’s got a really cool voice and he’s playing that old Mexican parrot and he’s perfect. . ” The Casagrandes family itself has a scarlet macaw – Sergio – who goes by the name of Aragonés and may be Paco’s cousin. As Alcaraz noted, “[…] There is nothing more Mexican than having a parrot. “

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The Casagrandes - Paco the Parrot

Regarding the performance of Aragonés, Alcaraz said he was satisfied with the work that the legendary designer has done to The Casagrandes, adding, “We didn’t have to dress the accent. He has a great voice.”

Alcaraz said the door is open for another appearance from Aragonés. “I always have trouble when I try to reveal too much, but I think we have a script where Mama Lupe, the great-grandmother’s character, comes back,” he said. “I hope he comes back for a command performance.”

New episodes of The Casagrandes air Fridays on Nickelodeon. The show stars Izabella Alvarez, Alex Cazares, Sonia Manzano, Carlos Alazraqui, Ruben Garfias, Carlos PenaVega, Leah Mei Gold, Roxana Ortega, Jared Kozak, Alexa PenaVega, Sumalee Montano and Dee Bradley Baker. The guest of “Mexican Makeover” stars Sergio Aragonés as Paco and Angelica Aragon as Mama Lupe.

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