Kacey Musgraves releases fifth studio album Star-Crossed as she calls it a ‘roller coaster of emotions’


Prepare to receive damn.

Friday, Kacey Musgraves released her fifth studio album which focuses on grief and healing after her divorce from ex-husband, Ruston Kelly.

With a total running time of over 47 minutes, the country star’s new album features previously released tracks, including the tracks “Star-Crossed” and “Justified”, as well as new songs like “Good Wife”, “Cherry Blosson”, “Film” and “There is a light”.

Musgraves, 33, also released a 50-minute film to accompany the album, which she co-wrote and executive produced. Sharing the same name as the album it inspired, Star Crossed: The Movie is currently streaming exclusively on Paramount+.

The interpreter of “Golden Hour” first announced the release of the album and the accompanying film at the end of August.

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Kacey Musgraves

Adrian Raquel Kacey Musgraves

Before The cursed release, Musgraves stopped The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Wednesday, where she opened up to the late-night host about the project.

With Colbert, 57, noting that the album’s name comes from an “interesting old term,” Musgraves explained that the LP’s title stands for: “You’re unhappy. You’re doomed by the stars. You’re celestially fucked up. .”

“That’s a nice way to put it,” she continued with a laugh. “There’s a rollercoaster of emotion on this record, and the movie we made, I mean, it’s kind of a wild ride.”

Speaking of damn: The filmMusgraves added that the film was “amazing to do”, sharing clips from the visual film in which she was dressed as a bride.

kacey musgraves

kacey musgraves

Sophie Matinazad Kacey Musgraves

damn marks Musgraves’ first record following her divorce from ex-husband, whom she split from after two years of marriage last year. Musgraves and Kelly, 33, got married in Tennessee in October 2017, more than a year after meeting at a songwriter showcase at Nashville’s famed Bluebird Cafe. In July 2020, the pair announced their separation.

Talk with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 earlier this month, Musgraves said, “I think this record couldn’t be more literal in some ways.”

“But I also feel like there’s this kind of almost fantastic theatrical vision – I wanted there to be that, just kind of a classic story,” she says. “That classic vibe, kind of woven through all those other modern sounds. Which I always love when something classic or something traditional, something futuristic comes together. It’s just, I’m always intrigued by that.”

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Sharing the album with the world, Musgraves explained, “I’m thrilled to share damn just because people know me as a songwriter who writes about what I’m going through. And I think it would have been extremely awkward if I just played, that last chapter hadn’t happened to me.”

“So I think you’ve seen my highlight reel with golden hour and that’s the other side of it. And I mean there are some beautiful parts of that as well,” she continued.

“Whether it’s fashion, etc. I think there’s some aspects of this record that sound a bit more country, I guess, than golden hour. I do not know. But at the same time, I feel like I’m tapping into more widespread influences on this album,” Musgraves added to Lowe, 48, of the LP. sort of lead back to that, where you can see a kind of relationship to my previous music.”

damn is now available to stream or download, and damn: The film streams exclusively on Paramount+.


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