Jungle Giants’ new studio album ‘Love Signs’ finds indie rockers in a cheerful mood


The Jungle Giants’ latest release, their fourth studio album “Love Signs”, is out today four years after Brisbane indie-rock group of Sam Hales, Cesira Aitken, Andrew Dooris and Keelan Bijker released the previous album. “Quiet Ferocity”.

For the first time in the band’s career, “Love Signs” is their debut album written, recorded and produced solely by the band’s singer and songwriter, Sam Hales.

“I’ve been using production more as a songwriting tool for years,” Sam explains. “It was good to challenge myself by taking that responsibility and watching the reaction.

“I’m definitely a perfectionist and go at my own pace so I don’t think I could do it any other way. I think that’s the current style.

“It’s a very positive record and I really felt all of that positivity while I was doing it. I hope there’s an infectious positivity in there that other people are feeling.”

Sam thinks this record is a continuation of their 2017 album, ‘Quiet Ferocity’, but taken to a whole new level. “I’ve been a lot more playful with this record in a lot of other ways than before. Being able to produce at the same time gave me this platform to try out a lot of more playful things.

“It’s a big leap into the unknown. I feel like with every record I need, I’m pushing myself to these risky places, because it creates better music and a more expressive environment.

“It’s something I’ve been working on for years. I just can’t wait to see how people react. Once it clicks with people, there’s going to be a real positive vibe in the shows. happy, self-love music.

“I’m so excited to share it with the fans, to be able to play it live and to watch people learn the songs.”

Part of the promotion for the album sees the group embark on a nationwide tour, which kicks off in early September, which will see them backed by electronic maestros Bag Raiders.

This will be the biggest Jungle Giants tour they have done yet. From songwriting to live performances, Sam points out that the group will take the new live show to new heights. “We want to go even further this time,” Sam explains.

“We’re going to put it all in because we feel like it’s been forever – so we’re going to make it a big party.

“[There’s] a bunch of dream locations, like Riverstage in Brisbane. I still can’t believe we’re going to play there. And we play [at the] Hordern Pavilion in Sydney.

“It gave us a chance to get a little more crazy about production. We want to give something that people can keep in mind for a long time.

“Because we haven’t been able to do it for so long, we’re absolutely going to set it on fire. All the songs translate very well on stage, so fans can definitely expect the ‘most dancing’ show of all. time.”

Jungle Giants 2021 Tour Dates

Sat Aug 24 – Splendor XR (7 p.m. EST)
Sat Aug 7 – The Inn Hotel (Geelong)* DJ set
Fri Sep 3 – The Goods Shed (Hobart)
Sat Sept 4 – Sidney Myer Music Bowl (Melbourne)
Fri Sep 10 – Thebarton Theater (Adelaide)
Sat Sep 11 – Fremantle Arts Center
Sat Sep 18 – The Riverstage (Brisbane)
Fri Sep 24 – Hordern Pavilion (Sydney)
Sat October 2 – Grapevine Gathering @ Sandalford Estate (Swan Valley)* exhausted
Wed Oct 6 – Dream Machine Festival (Whitsundays)* DJ set – sold out
Sat Oct 9 – Grapevine Gathering @ Roche Estate (Hunter Valley)* exhausted
Sat Oct 16 – Grapevine Gathering @ Rochford Wines (Yarra Valley)* exhausted


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