John 5 on Dave Mustaine’s appearance in the song “Qué Pasa”: “It was a complete honor”


ROB ZOMBIE guitarist John 5 will release his new solo album, “Sinner”, Friday October 29 (just in time for Halloween) via Large machine disks. The first single from the album, the epic “Qué Pasa”, revolves around a distinctive vocal refrain. Originally built with a sample, John chose to have it reworked by Grammy-winner MEGADETH leader Dave mustaine.

Talk to Detroit WRIF front radio station ROB ZOMBIEyesterday’s performance (Saturday September 18) Riff Festival at the DTE Energy Music Theater in Clarkston, Michigan, John 5 said about Mustaine‘s with the track: “It was a complete honor. Because there was a James brown [sample] in there, and it’s quite difficult to surpass James brown. Corn Mustaine, it was just perfect because he has that growl, that voice. I mean, the delivery was epic, and I’m super excited and super honored to have him on the track. “

“I love these instrumental songs with cool vocal hooks or it could be something like that,” he continued. “It makes him so different and interesting. He put together perfectly. I’m super happy. When I played it for him, he was okay with it. I’m really, really happy.”

“Sinner” was produced and mixed by Barry Pointer To Riott House Studio in North Hollywood. The drums were designed by the ex-GUNS N ‘ROSES guitarist Gilby clarke To Redrum registration in Los Angeles. The LP also features a guest appearance by the original TO KISS drummer Pierre Criss on a cover of “Georgia on my mind”, a classic from the 1930s by Hoagy Carmichael and Stuart gorrell who became famous thanks to Ray charles decades later.

John 5, from his real name John william lowery, Recount WRIF In regards to Crissthe contribution of the song: “rock, of course, played Gene Krupa, he played the rich boyfriend, he played this style all his life. And so I said, ‘Hey, man I do “Georgia in my mind”. And he was, like, ‘I’d love to.’ It’s just what he’s done his whole life, played like that. So my producer, Barry Pointer, went to his house, and we set it up like an old ’40s kit – a few mics, not all the drums or anything. And I’m not exaggerating, he did two takes. And the first one was perfect. He said to me, ‘Well, let’s do a second one, just for the sake of safety.’ I mean, going down the stairs took longer than his epic performance on drums. It was unbelievable. And then there was magic. Before the song, rock talk to Barry – he talks about me and the song and all that. And we picked that up in the mics. And we asked rock if it was good to start the song like that. And he said, ‘Of course.’ It is really awesome. It’s really super.”

“Sinner” track list:

01. Welcome to the island

02. Because i have sinned

03. Euphoria (feat. Carla Harvey)

04. Qué Pasa (feat. Dave Mustaine)

05. How high the moon

06. Horror show

07. Land of unsuitable toys

08. The crazy little thing called love

09. This is how i do

ten. Georgia in my mind (feat. Peter Criss)

John 5 has worked with a diverse range of artists, performing as guitarists for some of the world’s greatest headlining rock bands such as ROB ZOMBIE and MARILYN MANSON, as well as a game session with Paul Stanley, Rod stewart, LYNYRD SKYNYRD and more. Slash called John 5 “one of the most breathtaking guitarists of the moment”, and Rob zombie Nicknamed him “a fucking chopper”. John 5 has released nine solo albums to date, as well as a remix album, and has written music for Avril Lavigne, GARBAGE, Ricky martin and others.

JOHN 5 AND THE CREATURES‘last album, “Invasion”, was released in July 2019.

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