Jewel announces first studio album in seven years


freewheeling woman due April 15

Jewel ad freewheeling woman, his first new studio album in seven years is due out April 15 via his own Words Matter Music. The new album features Jewel’s boldest and most unbridled work to date, revealing entirely new dimensions to her jaw-dropping voice. The Alaskan native also shared her brand new single “Dancing Slow,” featuring Train, who she will be joining on their recently announced Summer 2022 North American tour. Kicking off June 8 in Mansfield, MA, the tour makes over 35 stops including New York, Nashville, Dallas, San Diego, and more before concluding August 6 at the legendary Red Rocks venue in Colorado, State. origin of Jewel.

“‘Dancing Slow’ is ultimately about the ebb and flow of life, and cherishes those moments of certainty that are shared when you’re with a trusted companion,” Jewel says of the new single. “I feel like time slows down for a moment. I’m so glad Train was able to join me on this track, with Pat Monahan’s sweet vocals adding another layer to the melody.

The sequel to Jewel’s self-produced and critically acclaimed 2015 album Picking up the pieces, freewheeling woman finds Jewel working with producer Butch Walker (Taylor Swift, Gavin DeGraw, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness), dreaming up a soulful, heavy sound partly inspired by classic R&B records made at Muscle Shoals.

“I cut my teeth on singers like Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan and got into those Muscle Shoals records a little later, and for some reason that’s where my voice and writing wanted to go on this album,” says Jewel, who recorded the live album with a full band. As well as giving the album a gritty vitality, this approach helped capture the unfettered vocal work she’s increasingly brought to her live show in recent years. On “Dance Sing Laugh Love” – ​​the album’s uplifting and luminous centerpiece – Jewel’s voice reaches a particularly heart-pounding intensity as she shares her outlook on life in resistance to cynicism.

“No More Tears” with Darius Rucker set the standard for the album’s illuminating quality. In its moving tribute to those who have endured hardship of all kinds, the song unfolds in warm gospel harmonies and steaming piano melodies, taking on exquisite power as the vocals of Jewel and Rucker fuse at the bridge.

Elsewhere on freewheeling woman, Jewel embodies an irresistibly uplifted mood. Wildly catchy pop confection, “Alibis” revels in the radiant clarity that comes from conquering heartache, its vocals telegraphing carefree self-possession to the ready-to-sing chorus to the track’s accompaniment.

A passionate mental health advocate who went through a period of homelessness as a teenager, Jewel has worked alongside her foundation, the Inspiring Children’s Foundation, for nearly two decades to provide mental health mentorship and resources to young people in risk. During the pandemic, Jewel has expanded its reach to help people in need build community and connection and, in turn, protect against the silent symptoms of COVID-19: anxiety, depression and isolation.

Jewel has also partnered with SaksWorks to bring mental health to the workplace. Together with her Foundation, she creates a wellness program to create a better working environment.


1. The Long Way (Woohoo)
2. Slow Dance feat. Form
3. Alibis
4. Grateful
5. Half-life
6. Almost
7. Dance Sing Laugh Love
8. Live with your memory
9. More Tears feat. Darius Rucker
10. When You Loved Me
11. Love Wins
12. Nothing But Love


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