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Jethro tull has announced the official details of their upcoming studio album, The Zealot Gene, which will be released on January 28, 2022.

The 12-track collection from the debut new studio album from veteran vocalist / flutist-led progressive rock band Ian anderson in over 18 years.

Coinciding with the announcement, a preview track for the album, “Shoshana Smiling,” was made available via digital formats, and an accompanying music video was created on the band’s official YouTube channel. The black-and-white clip features enigmatic masked, stop-motion animated characters and shadow puppets.

Jethro Tull started working on The Zealot Gene in 2017, and the album features a number of songs that incorporate Biblical imagery while examining religious themes.

“While I have a real fondness for the pomp and fairy-tale storytelling of the Holy Book, I still feel the need to question and draw sometimes ungodly parallels from the text,” says Anderson. “The good, the bad and the downright ugly rearing their heads everywhere, but are punctuated with elements of love, respect and tenderness. “

The Zealot Gene, which you can pre-order now, will be available in multiple formats and configurations, including a digipak CD, a two-LP / CD set, a two-CD / Blu-ray limited edition artbook, and an edition. deluxe artbook three-LP / two-CD / Blu-ray.

The limited edition versions feature a second CD featuring demos and recordings of early song ideas, along with extended cover notes and a new interview with Ian. The Deluxe Edition LPs are pressed onto white vinyl and one of the records has the aforementioned demos.

The Blu-ray features a 5.1 surround sound mix of the album.

Here’s the full track list from The Zealot Gene:

“Mrs. Tibbets”
“The Tales of Jacob”
“Mine is the mountain”
“The Zealot Gene”
“Shoshana who sleeps”
“Sisters of the Sad City”
“Barren Beth, John of the Wilderness”
“The betrayal of Joshua Kynde”
“Where did Saturday go?” “
“Three loves, three”
“In brief Visit”
“The fisherman of Ephesus”

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