Jack Harlow Has a Nail Tech: Notable First Singles of 2022


2022 has brought an exciting lineup of music from former MIA artists, TikTok musicians, and stars from the past year. With the release of these four singles, 2022 is turning out to be a bright year for music as many artists are coming out with their new releases for the year.

“Boyfriend” by Dove Cameron

Released on February 11, 2022, “Boyfriend” is one of many songs by former Disney Channel starlet Dove Cameron, who is best known for her roles portraying twins in “Liv and Maddie” and Mal in “Descendants.” . Cameron’s “Boyfriend” poses a challenge to a currently caught love: what if the girl he’s interested in needs a girlfriend instead of a boyfriend. Underpinned by mesmerizing lyricism and unmistakable jazz and indie-pop roots, Cameron flexes her game through her confident vocal performance while centering her own weirdness. After gaining popularity from trending on TikTok, “Boyfriend” seems like the perfect crossover for Cameron’s Disney career in the music industry.

“Incredible” by Rex Orange County

Released on February 14, 2022, “Amazing” is Rex Orange County’s second release since the start of 2022. Debuting as the second single from his pending fourth studio album “Who Cares”, the track opens with orchestral strings and a subtle pop beat that focuses on the rush and the experience of falling in love. With cute lyricism, Rex is at his best as his smooth voice praises his love interest from the track’s opening verses to the choruses. Not only was this track a timely Valentine’s Day release, but a promising teaser for Rex Orange County’s pending album slated for March 2022.

“Naturally” by Tinashe

Released on the same day as “Amazing,” Tinashe’s “Naturally” is one of four new tracks to be released on her deluxe edition for her 2021 album, “333.” Last year, “333” was an exciting new chapter for Tinashe, as it was the first album she released as an independent artist. “Naturally” is a moody, mellow bop from the singer backed by a soft, cold beat discussing the nature of her escapades with her love interest. “Naturally” is a timely release for Valentine’s Day 2022 and is fueling its fans’ excitement for the expansion of the upcoming release of “333” in early March 2022.

“Nail Tech” by Jack Harlow

Released on February 18, 2022, “Nail Tech” is Jack Harlow’s first release since the start of 2022. After a year without an album release, Harlow’s next release has been highly anticipated. The background of the track is adorned with the faint sound of trumpets as Harlow brags about his material gain during his time in the industry and addresses the themes of critics doubting him despite his high and rising status as a musician and rapper. With his final solo release of 2020, “Nail Tech” is a strong comeback for Harlow that sets the bar high for what we expect to see from him this year.


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