I’m not sorry, I was just me


Reviewed by Ian Phillips.

By King Hannah, Spunk records/Virgin Music Australia 2022.

King Hannah is Hannah Merrick and Craig Whittle who are based in Liverpool, England.

The pair met and formed their band in 2017 while waiting for tables in Liverpool and released their debut EP, Tell me your mind, and I’ll tell you mine, in 2020.

I’m not sorry, I was just me is their first LP and it’s a beauty.

The opening track, A well-made woman, is a moody introduction to the album with its sparse accompaniment built around a simple guitar riff, growling deep bass and scattered percussion.

Merrick’s vocals are understated, and the entire track is punctuated by snatches of Craig Whittle’s distorted lead guitar.

It’s a brilliant opening for an impressive album.

The dozen songs on the disc are full of darkness and they are totally spellbinding.

That’s not to say the album is relentlessly dark, it’s not.

There is wit and humor as well as introspection and moments of levity.

King Hannah is doing his own thing and they invite us to join them, but we do it on their terms.

They are true to their independent roots and are determined to pursue their own path.

King Hannah’s sound is all about ambiance and a lot of effort has gone into creating the right soundscapes to accompany Hannah Merrick’s unusual lyrics.

This is where Craig Whittle comes into play.

Hannah Merrick may take center stage, but there’s no King Hannah without Craig Whittle’s insightful arrangements and refined, selective and poised playing.

King Hannah understands the power and might of economy and space in their music

I’m not sorry, I was just me is one of the most impressive albums I’ve heard in a while.

There are some interesting clips of the band on YouTube, including an extended live clip in the studio that is well worth watching.


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