Ice Nine Kills presents graphic novel for studio album (exclusive)


Horror-influenced metal band Ice Nine Kills and Z2 Comics share an exclusive preview of their upcoming original graphic novel Inked in Blood.

Popular metal band Ice Nine Kills are teaming up with Z2 Comics for an original graphic novel tied to their latest studio album, bringing the group’s cinematic storytelling to new medium.

Title Ice Nine Kills: Inked in Blood and by attaching The silver cry, the graphic novel is written by frontman Spencer Charnas and Steve Foxe and illustrated by Phillip Sevy and Andres Esparza with the colors of Aladdin Collar. In the wake of a troubled teenage girl defending her favorite leader accused of heinous crimes, the girl quickly finds herself in a deadly game with a serial killer impersonator. CBR has an exclusive preview of the graphic novel, which is available to order now, as well as a limited edition silver vinyl for The silver cry and a VHS style case.

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“As a horror lover, collecting and reading comics has always been a big part of my love for the genre. When the opportunity arose to create our own graphic novel with Z2, we jumped on opportunity, ”Charnas told CBR. “The book expands Ice Nine Kills to a new medium that fits perfectly with the storytelling our fans have grown accustomed to.”

“Sculpting the story of Inked in blood has been a slasher fanatic’s dream since day one. Whoever listened The silver cry knows how much respect the genre INK has, and this shared pool of bloody horror touchstones means we all started on the same page when it came to making Heather’s story and bringing her into some of INK’s big projects around the corner, ”Foxe explained. “Having Andres and Phil on board made things a lot easier, as both come with their own big gorehound dogs. INK die-hards and slasher fans who haven’t heard any of their songs yet should find a lot at appreciate in the book. “

Written by Spencer Charnas and Steve Foxe and illustrated by Phillip Sevy and Andres Esparza, Ice Nine Kills: Inked in Blood is available to order now through Z2 Comics.

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