[Herald Interview] CIX ready for a new journey with its first studio album


Conceptual image for CIX’s first full album “‘OK’ Prologue: Be OK” (C9 Entertainment)

We know that a K-pop idol group is on the right track when it raises the bar higher with every comeback.

For the boy band quintet CIX, the recent release of their debut studio album “‘OK’ Prologue: Be OK” was more than enough to prove to the world and to themselves that they were headed in the right direction.

One of K-pop’s up-and-coming boy groups, CIX caused a stir with the 10-track album on August 17, instantly placing five tracks at the top of the Bugs real-time chart and scoring a new sales record with more than 110,000 copies sold in the first week of release.

Made up of five members – BX, Seunghun, Yonghee, Jinyoung and Hyunsuk – CIX has embarked on a new journey with the full album and believe it has got off to a good start so far.

“We had our concerns, trying new things with new people and taking on more work, but seeing the positive feedback from the fans, we think the hard work paid off,” Hyunsuk said in a recent interview. with The Korea Herald.

BX was especially grateful to the fans for the new record. “We know it was made possible thanks to our fans. We felt genuinely grateful and talked about how we could give back, and there really is nothing more than working even harder.

Although they promised to go at their own pace, Seunghun said their accomplishments made them want to aim for a bigger goal now.

“Although we said to ourselves that we don’t want to hurry and go at our own pace, we took a huge leap this time and it made us want to be more successful next time,” said Seunghun.

With the album marking the start of a new series – the “OK” series – the members adopted a young, dynamic and fresh concept for cooling off in the summer heat.

While the previous “Hello” series was about boys trapped in hell, the “OK” series will revolve around these boys discovering the reasons for the situation and exploring ways to save themselves.

“The number of songs has doubled (compared to previous albums), so the recording took longer and we also put more effort into the details. The genres of songs also diversified and it was not easy to digest, ”said BX, the frontman of the group.

Not only did the group have to struggle to deliver a new concept, but they also had to work with a change of staff including new producers and choreographers which made the whole process much more difficult but the results even more so. satisfactory.

“The title song was in the highest (vocal) range of all of our title songs so far. Now that I can sing it live on stage, I think I’ve gained a lot more confidence,” Seunghun said.

Conceptual image of CIX's first full album

Conceptual image for CIX’s first full album “‘OK’ Prologue: Be OK” (C9 Entertainment)

Debuting in July 2019 with their debut EP, “‘Hello’ Chapter 1. Hello, Stranger,” the band looked back on their two-year career and the future they look forward to.

Chief BX said if he could go back a few years he would work even harder.

“Back when I was about 20, I wanted my voice so badly to be heard, but there was a long wait for me. Working on my music but not being able to show it I think it kind of put me in a crisis, ”said the 23-year-old.

For Hyunsuk, he viewed the whole process as a fun journey of trying new things.

“My dreams have changed frequently. There was a time when I was seriously studying to be a cop after watching this cool cop movie. I enrolled in a dance academy because I also wanted to become a dancer after watching a movie, and there I was chosen as an intern for a K-pop agency. I talked to my parents who told me to give it a try, and I started to think “why not? “

Hyunsuk, who was able to travel overseas for the first time with the debut, said he wanted nothing more than to resume his world tour, which was canceled last year due to the COVID pandemic. -19.

“We had the whole event planned and I even bought a huge suitcase for the 16 day trip. But unfortunately it was canceled, ”Hyunsuk said, adding that he hopes to meet fans soon when the pandemic ends.

Some members are also trying their own careers. Three of the members, Seunghun, Yonghee and Hyunsuk, will soon be making their acting debuts in online drama series.

“We also chat a lot about playing recently, reading scripts together and sharing tips and comments,” Jinyoung said.

Throughout the members’ journey of self-discovery, their love for their fans, FIX, is as genuine, if not more than it was when they first started.

BX said, “As I met fans after our debut and saw them with our own eyes, I realized with heart how special they are. I feel like they are “my” people. “

And for this reason, the last track on the new album “Here For You” was written in English, to remind fans that, even if they are not together in the midst of this phase of global lockdown, CIX will always be with them. to face through tough times.

By Choi Ji-won ([email protected])


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